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Sep 29, 2010 02:22 PM

Buena Vista Mexican in Malvern?

I just noticed that there was a new Mexican place in Malvern, Buena Vista Restaurant.

It is in the shopping center kind of across from Classic Diner, next to Strawberry Bakery and the tanning place.

Has anyone tried it yet? I ran inside and grabbed a menu. The inside was a little nicer than I expected, though still rather small.

The menu had some lunch fajita options. The menu had the standard assortment of burritos and enchiladas with choices of meats and sauces (including mole).
I didn't see Al Pastor or any more exotic choices.
There are also a number of entrees and vegetarian tacos.

Strangely they also had a section on the menu for hoagies, cheesesteaks and even a meatball sandwich.

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  1. I did take out, had the chorizo & asada taco. Both tacos came topped with cilantro and onion. I asked for their red & green salsa. The green salsa was a tomatillo salsa and the red salsa was smooth pureed salsa full of flavor with the right amount of heat. I prefered the asada (meat ) to the chorizo, the chorizo didn't have that spicy and smoked flavor I was looking forward to. I also ordered the mexican rice and beans. The rice was dry and the beans were a gluey mess.

    When I was ordering I noticed a table of a mexican family dining on various entrees. I caught a glimpse of enchiladas, burritos, and other fare.

    The place is really big and clean they opened up last week. Service is slow that is to be expected.

    I guess the sandwich items are to sell other items also. The menu is pretty big can be confusing, stick to the basics.

    I will try sit down next time I'm there.

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    1. We had dinner at Buena Vista the other night. Will definitely return! Shared pulled beef enchiladas (very tender and nicely seasoned), and chicken Flautas. Served on real plates, with real silverware. Wish they had combination plates, but otherwise, menu had a reasonable amount of choices. WE were alone (it WAS early...), but number of people came in for take-out while we were there.