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Sep 29, 2010 02:17 PM

New Thai Cuisine, Easton Rd, in Roslyn, anybody been?

They just opened about a week ago. I pick my son up at the Karate studio and peeked in just before opening. Looks real nice. Linen tablecloths, nice renovate and decor.

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  1. I tried to go last Sunday, but they weren't open yet. Now that I know it's open I will be trying it soon and report back.

    1. We finally got a chance to stop by over the weekend and overall it was great. We ordered the spring rolls, which were ok, not the best ever, but ok. Also had the tom yum soup for an appetizer. I didn't really like the tom yum soup at all, it didn't have much flavor. But our entrees were incredible! I ordered the red curry and it was really, really delicious. The broth was full of flavor and was a nice size portion (was lunch the next day). My husband ordered the drunken noodles and they were delicious as well. They are a lot like pad see ewe, but spicier and have more flavor. Overall, the place was great. Thai iced tea was good too. We thought the prices and portion sizes were perfect. I am SO excited to finally have good thai food right around the corner.

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        Is the name of this restaurant New Thai Cuisine? I can't find it in any directory and would like to go. Do you have an address? Thanks.

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          Thai Cuisine & Cafe
          1170 Easton Road, Abington, PA 19001-4220

      2. thanks for the report. While waiting for my son last tuesday I went in and ordered 2 of each of the 3 rolls. shrimp rolls were the best of the 3. what really made it notable was the dipping sauce was very good sweet tangy spicy. We hope to do a family (4) sit down dinner next week

        1. We ordered take out from here last night and it was delicious, as always. I'm just worried because the place was empty when we went to pick it up. I really want this place to stay in business, so check it out if you haven't yet.

          1. I ordered takeout last week on my way home from work & was disappointed. My Tom Kha Kai soup was watery and on the salty side. The Massamun Curry was OK. Not great, but OK. My DH's Tom Yum soup was good, he said. The Drunken Noodles were a solid mass of glued noodles, with very little meat. The bill for 2 soups and 2 entrees was $31, including tax. I thought that was a little on the high side. I would go back to eat in maybe, but not soon.

            I would give it a "mnyeh". On the other hand, if you are jonesin' for Thai is that neck of the woods, your options are limited. I do have to say that the place was clean, welcoming, nicely appointed, and the gentleman who helped me was most gracious.