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Sep 29, 2010 10:39 AM

Very Disappointing Experience at Sonora Restaurant in Port Chester

I wanted to share the VERY disappointing experience (and meal) I had at Sonora last weekend. I had a reservation for 5 people at 8:00 on Friday night (made almost 2 weeks in advance). The restuarant had 2 private parties going on and they were clearly overwhelmed. We were not seated until almost 8:30 and this was after the manager and hostess had to move another couple to the bar so we could sit down. We were 5 people squeezed into a tiny table right next to the door (not to mention the 4 people we were practically sitting on top of at the next table). Getting drinks at the bar before being seated was a nightmare. It took bringing the hostess over to the bartender to get him to serve us (and this was only because she knew we wouldn't be seated for sometime).

The food was not worth the wait and aggravation. The best part of the whole meal was the guacamole that the hostess brought us when we finally sat down. Two of us had the special entree for the night (fish - so unmemorable I can't even remember exactly what kind) that was overcooked and very bland. Another friend had the paella and had to send it back because the rice was not cooked. When it did come back, it wasn't any better. The best entree was definitely braised short ribs.

I had been to Sonora a few years ago and have heard positive things from friends since then. This visit was enough to make sure that I do not return in the future.

Sonora Restaurant
179 Rectory Street, Port Chester, NY 10537

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  1. Sorry you had a bad experience. Every meal we've had there has been great, expecially the last time two weeks ago.

    1. Very out of character for this restaurant. I've never had a bad experience at Sonora. Food and service have always been excellent.

      1. I have to agree with you stmfdfoodie. I had the paella there and the rice was under-cooked, as in almost crunchy. When I commented, the server told me the chef didn't the shrimp to overcook? OK I recieved 4 shrimp in the whole dish. Yes they fairly large, but not enough to satisfy a hungry patron, especially when I couldn't enjoy the rice. I won't be going back soon.

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          we enjoyed it last night. the quinoa sald and the fried calamari with seet plaintains were top notch. we only did small plates though--no entrees were tried. friendly staff.