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Sep 29, 2010 09:21 AM

inland sea advice: onomichi, shiminami kaido route, matsuyama, naoshima, okayama,

heading to japan for a few weeks and really appreciate all the great advice on this board for Tokyo & Kyoto, but would love some advice on the inland sea area. We are biking the shiminami kaido and would love to know a good place to stop and eat along the way. Also staying in Onomichi, Matsuyama, Naoshima, and Okayama. thanks so much!

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  1. Okayama/Kurashiki


    I guess you're not going all the way to Hiroshima. It's an easy ferry ride from Matsuyama, and a quick way to get back on the shinkansen (if that's part of the plan).

    Also, if you're going before the end of Oct, you'll be able to check out several of the sites of the Setouchi Art Festival.