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Sep 29, 2010 09:19 AM

A good wine pairing or two for lamb ravioli with sage beurre blanc

I'm looking for a couple options for lamb, goat cheese and roasted red pepper ravioli with a sage beurre blanc. Roasted asparagus on the side. Thanks!

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  1. How fatty is the sage buerre blanc? The more fatty, the more acid you want, like an Italian sangiovese. Otherwise a light southern Rhone will be nice.

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        or a very nice rose champagne? Larmandier-Bernier comes to mind...

    1. Well, asparagus doesn't go with anything but Gruner Veltliner, and I can't see that with the ravioli.

      Champagne would probably be your best bet for those disparate flavors.

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        thx for concurring with my 2nd suggestion...

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          asparagus (not this dish) can go well with sauvignon blanc, pinot blanc, and many justneed to match acidity, vegetal character, and most often richness off sauce, or, like in this case a grilled taste (with slightly wooded wine like not too high level white Burgundy, or herbu white Rhone or Languedoc).

        2. Pasta, goat cheese, red peppers, well-done lamb, sage butter, asparagus: I wouldn't automatically exclude a substantial white, maybe a hefty (but not tutti fruiti or oaked-to-death) Chardonnay. For example, a Kumeu River Estate from New Zealand, a Ridge SCM, the Limoux from Domaine de Mouscaillo or, say, one of Tissot's slightly oxidized Jura Chards.

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          1. assuming the filling of the ravioli is lamb, cheese, roasted red pepper, and sage and butter is the sauce, then the richness of cheese and butter will be dominant. So you need a relatively full wine. Definitely go for a white. Tannins of a red will not be nice with all the milky stuff.
            If you have money to spend, a rich, wooded, bit aged Loire sauvignon blanc like Henri Bourgeois Jadis will match all. Go other way, and a young white Rhone will do...think Saint Peray. White corzes hermitage. Langudoc blends with marsanne/rousanne grapes and often some grenache blanc can do fine...they are rich and can mach the sage and lamb. White priorat can do as well. With these wines, some youth will give freshness you want with the pepper and asperagus.
            If you go gruner veltliner, or even riesling, go for dry rich wines. Smaragd in Austria, Grosses Gewachs spatlese trocken in germany.
            Also possible is quality Loire sauvignon blanc, like the Clos Habert from Francois Chidaine from a good year, or maybe a Bekenhoutskloof from South Africa, though that needs decanting.
            NO RED (lamb is not the tastemaker here)
            (I feel that most chardonnay lack versatility for this dish...and that could be a whole new debate...)

            1. Champagne (heavy on the Pinot) is the only thing that could remotely pair with all of this.