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Sep 29, 2010 08:48 AM

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

Ignoring the Sonny Bryan's, Campisi's, etc., some of the ones that come to mind...

Celebration - I still go there occasionally but every time I do, it just reminds me of why I don't go more often. The food is just tired.

Mi Cocina - I used to live in the restaurant wasteland of Lake Highlands and this was one of the few choices. Overpriced and mediocre food.

Nonna - I know I'll get blistered on this but if I served you this same food in my home without you knowing where it came from, you'd be underwhelmed. I will say though the wines they have are fantastic.

Club Schmitz - I dearly love Texas beer joints but I don't get the attraction and popularity of this place.

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  1. If you can make food just like what I've had at Nonna, I'm coming over. Immediately. Seriously, please invite me over.

    I'm not sure I totally get the obsession with Monica's or Gloria's.

    I don't get the appeal of Luna de Noche, especially at that price point.

    I totally get rushing to Cafe Brazil for a late night meal, but during the day when tons of other options exist? No thanks. Maybe I just haven't found the right dish there since everyone else seems to love it.

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      I agree with sass. If you have a wood burning oven that can produce that bread and pizza or can make duck prosciutto or have access to unbelievably fresh burrata cheese or can make tagliatelle from scratch and cook it perfectly then I want a reservation.

      1. Re: Celebration. At least they ARE consistent.

        And, I'm one of those that loves Nonna. But, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

        1. Well I do not know about everyone but compared with most here on the Chowhound board I would say Babe's and Big Easy and I agree with you about Mi Cocina. Must be something wrong with me.


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            Totally agree with you about Babe's. It is good and the price is right, but people act like it is the second coming.

          2. I like your list a lot in that you capture a lot of places that are overrated in my opinion. Mi Cocina and Celebration our garbage. As for Nonna, I agree with you that it is overrated. I'm not saying I can make Italian food of that quality nor that I don't enjoy the food but as far as high end restaurants go, Nonna is basically par for the course. I went for the first time last week and had one or two mind blowingly good dishes, one or two disappointments, and a lot of what I would expect for the price.

            Other restaurants that I feel everyone loves except me would include:
            Alligator Cafe - Prefer Big Easy, their po boys and gumbo are not the best
            Any NY style pizza in Dallas - used to live in Brooklyn and now i'm a huge pizza snob
            Hook Line & Sinker - overrated, it's fine for what it is but people talk about it as if it's the best seafood in town
            Lonesome Dove - everything I had there was mediocre
            Hattie's - loved the shrimp and grits but nothing else impressed me

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              Sprinkles Cupcake - I congratulate them on being the first cupcakery in now an overly saturated industry. But, I'm sorry, they are dry dry dry.

              1. re: CLH

                Yeah, this is a good one. Some Sprinkles cupcakes are more dry than others, but yeah - I don't quite understand the hype.

                1. re: sass

                  La Duni is adding themselves to the ranks of cupcakeries up in Allen quite soon.

                  La Duni Cafe
                  4620 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

                2. re: CLH

                  I am not a dessert expert but the salty caramel cupcakes at Sprinkles are killer.

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                    I agree. Sprinkles are dry and over-priced.

                  2. re: demigodh

                    Love the shrimp and grits at Hattie's, So much so, I've never eaten anything else there.

                    Also agree about Hook, Line and Sinker. OVERATED!

                    Big shucks is much better!