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Sep 29, 2010 08:33 AM

OC Week - Any Reviews?

Hi all:

This week is OC Restaurant Week and I was interested in hearing any experiences. I am looking into trying a place and was wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences (or negatives).


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  1. Here are the reviews from the spring OC RW: | OC Restaurant Week: Feb 28 - Mar 6

    1. Memphis at the Santora, menu here: http://www.orangecountyrestaurantweek...

      I ate lunch here because I had jury duty yesterday. I also ate here last week, thinking that OC RW was two weeks, like dineLA, so I am combining both experiences.

      Roasted beet salad, arugula, pecan crusted goat cheese & yam chips (half-order). There were two small slices of beet, 1/8th of an inch thick, with lots of arugula. Tasty. 3/5

      Bison burger, cranberry mayonnaise, gorgonzola & sweet potato fries. Bison burger was cooked well-done (I would have asked for medium if they had asked me how I wanted it) and my bun was not toasted (it should have been.) Sweet potato fries were slightly overdone, about 30 secs too long in the fryer. Gorgonzola? I don't think it was Italian gorgonzola, having only the slightest blue cheese taste, and had that chalky look that feta has. The flavor of the bison was good, though. Sadly, I wanted to text my ex chef at Haven that his burger is better. 3/5

      Buttermilk fried chicken, crispy potato cake, mustard greens, country gravy. This is pretty good. I love the andouille sausage bits in the country gravy. Mustard greens had too much vinegar in them. 4/5

      Tahititan vanilla cream brulee, fresh raspberries. Exactly two raspberries. I prefer creme brulee with a silkier texture. Still, it was very satisfying to crunch on the caramelized sugar. 3/5

      The service was impeccable both times, I rarely see such good service.