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Sep 29, 2010 07:45 AM

Coated or Uncoated Bakeware?

Do you prefer your cookie sheets, cake pans, et cetera with or without a nonstick coating? Why?

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  1. I'm a nonstick person myself when it comes to baking. I just feel that cakes come out much better with I use a parchment round and some homemade cake-release that I brush on. I've tried nonstick cake pans and have had cakes stick. So why use a nonstick pan if you need to prep it anyway? The shiny metal professional-type cake pans are excellent and much cheaper. As for cookie sheets, I would never use anything other than my shiny steel sheet pans with a silpat mat.

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      I agree I am a fan of good old fashioned uncoated aluminum or stainless steel bakeware. I have a good 1mm thick set and they cook everything really nicely. What I really like is if you burn something on them you can take an SOS pad to them and scrub them clean. With non stick you can't do that. And I don't believe that non stick bakeware is truly not stick so once food is burnt on you are either stuck soaking carbon steel in water (rust) or trying to scrape it off (along with your coating)

      Aluminum or Stainless steel all the way.

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        I'm with ttoommyy. The non-stick bakeware I've used is absolutely worthless as non-stick and since it's usually darker tinted it burns the food.

        Get medium/heavy gauge aluminum from a restaurant supply store and use baking spray, butter, parchment, etc. to ensure good release. Cheaper, less frustration, better baked goods.

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          Mix equal parts Crisco, vegetable oil and flour and keep in a covered plastic container in your pantry. Brush this on your aluminum bakeware before baking and nothing will stick. :)

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            On a recent ATK show (CreateTV) they compared 8" cake pans, shiny metal, glass, and nonstick. They thought that the shiny metal was too reflective, and preferred nonstick because it gave the best color on things like cornbread. But the one they liked best was gold colored one (from W&S).

            With things like baker spray (which ATK likes) and parchment paper, sticking shouldn't be much of an issue with any pan. That reflectivity, or not, is a more significant property.

        2. I generally like uncoated aluminum but there are a few items that seem to benefit from the darker nonstick coatings and the browning action they have. I like glass pie pans and some recipes I have call for a glass dish.

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            Oh yes, I agree about glass pie dishes. Pyrex is my favorite and you can get two for something like $10 in many supermarkets here in the northern NJ area.

          2. I had a lot of bakeware with nonstick coatings. Fancy cake pans that cost a pretty penny. And I burned thing after thing in them. I actually made one dome cake that was burned on the outside and undone on the inside. That was the last straw. I gave away all my nonstick stuff. I use heavy gauge uncoated pans and use a parchment paper liner. Works very well.