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Sep 29, 2010 07:20 AM

Crystal River Suggestions?

Any suggestions for Crystal River? Casual or fine dine? Thank you!

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  1. If you go a little south to Homasassa you will find a great, cheap, no frills, outdoor waterfront place called The Freezer. It is not fancy but the shrimp are wonderful. This is the kind of place the locals go.

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    1. re: knowsit

      That sounds so great! Thank you!

    2. When I travel through Crystal River I make it a point to go to Charlie''s Fish House on US 19. They have an attached fish market so the seafood is always fresh and they do a great job of basic, no frills Florida seafood.

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      1. re: fdobbs1

        Charlie's sounds great for our first night. What do you usually order?

        1. re: DaisyM

          I've heard great things about Vintage on 5th. I have never been, but my parents really like it. I think its one of the better places in town.

          I like charlie's, but its nothing fancy. I'm always happy anywhere I can order fried mullet.

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            I usually get broiled grouper but everything is good and fresh there in an old Florida, no frills kind of way.

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              My wife and I hit Charlie's Fish House about once a month, and ask for a table near the back windows (look out on the water). She orders crabmeat stuffed turbot and I order fried clam strips. We hardly ever vary from our routine. If we remember to save a pack of crackers, we usually walk out to the water after dinner to feed the ducks, who are friendly beggers. Florida Hound

              Charlie's Fish House Restaurant
              224 NW US Highway 19, Crystal River, FL 34428

            2. re: fdobbs1

              Terrible! Nothing was fresh. This is a place for people who think that seafood is Mrs. Pauls or Gortons. The portions were small, the fish was frozen, the shrimp were greasy, and the fries and baked potato were soggy. How do you make a baked potato soggy? Close to inedible. Honestly I had a fish sandwich at Wendy's the next day that was twice as good as this place. Never again.

              1. re: dharma

                Which is terrible, Charlies or Vintage?

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                  The Freezer in old Homosassa is where you want to go...right off the boat. No sign...

              2. I like Pecks Old Port Cove. Half the fun is the drive out to this place though, and there's something very satisfying about drinking beer out of a mason jar. Lots of options for eating crab too.

                Cravings on the Water is good or lunch. They make a decent Cuban sandwich.

                Charlie's is popular with the older crowd, if I'm thinking of the right place. Their fried shrimp is good though, and they have stone crab.

                Any reviews on Oysters restaurant?

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                  The two places that we ended up going to were Vintage on 5th and Peck's. Both were excellent and we'd return if we are lucky enough to get back to see those wonderful manatees.

                2. I had great fish a few weeks ago when we rode our motorcycles on the Ozello Trail and stopped at Pecks Old Port.