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Sep 29, 2010 07:19 AM

sports bars on the beach/water

I will be in San Diego on October 23rd and am looking for a place to watch several SEC football games (on CBS) . I would love to find a bar that would show these games (doesn't have to be a sports bar) and is also on the water. Decent/good drinks and food is a plus.

Thank you for any recommendations!

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  1. Well, you probably want to end up in the Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, or Pacific Beach areas of San Diego. Highest ratio of bars to beach/water. Are there certain teams you want to see? That will also drive the location, as some of the bars are designated home bases for certain college teams. These guides are incomplete, but might get you started:

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    1. re: bizzwriter

      It's actually really hard to get something in this vein that's actually "on" the beach.

      All of the PB locations are at least one-block from the beach, unless you count Joe's Crab Shack (not sure what the viewing is like either). PB Alehouse might be an option, but I've yet go. Miller's Field is very popular on gamedays, but, again, is a block from the boardwalk and might have peek views of the ocean. Nick's in PB has an outdoor raised patio that you can see the ocean from (again one block away).

      For Mission Beach, the only thing I can think of would be the Wavehouse (used to be Canes, but has been bought out by Wavehouse). Everything else is on Mission Blvd and a block from the beach.

      Ocean Beach only has one bar that I would say is more or less on the water, Nick's at the Pier, and that is only from the outdoor raised patio. Have never been here either.

      This is one of my major complaints about SD, as your waterfront choices are rarely really attractive. For PB as an example: Lahaina's = crowded and stinky; Green Flash/World Famous = meh; JRDN = fun for a drink, but not worth the 'tude; etc.

      Miller's Field
      4465 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

    2. Fox Sports Grill at Hilton Waterfront has a nice bay view. The food looked decent the one time we were in there.

      Fox Sports Grill
      1 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

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      1. re: eatemup

        I agree. Nice views of the bay and Coronado. Food is okay but nothing special - what you'd expect for a sports bar. Plenty of televisions.

      2. Bizzwriter's links are good and a clue. Google the local alumni associations of the teams you want to watch and find out where they meet. The bars which have regular groups meeting might have one or two televisions in the corner showing a different game/a different channel.

        The food at Pacific Beach Bar and Grill is really good.

        1. South Beach bar and grill in Ocean Beach and Lahaina's in Pacific Beach..super beach dives.
          My favorite would be World Famous in PB...outside bar and patio has tv's and its right on the boardwalk...Coaster Saloon across from the roller coaster in MB too.
          Wavehouse would be another place in Mission Beach.

          World Famous
          711 Pacific Beach Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

          1. Yogi's in Cardiff is on the inland side of Coast Highway. Haven't been since they moved to the new location, but it always seems pretty full.