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Sep 29, 2010 07:00 AM

Best Fish and Chips?

Where can we find the best fish and chips...preferably in Marin, SF or East Bay (although we are open to excursions too!)?


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  1. My vote goes to Ketch Joanne in Princeton Harbor -- truly greaseless fried fish. We've gone far out of our way for this. Halibut and salmon options too.

    Ketch Joanne
    17 Johnson Pier, Princeton-by-the Sea, CA 94018

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    1. re: Steve Green

      I like Barb's Fish Trap way better than Catch Joanne's. I thought the batter at Joanne's was heavy and soggy, while Barb's is light and crispy. But, I always order at the "to go" window and eat tat the picnic tables.
      We make trips from the city down to HMB just to go to Barbs and have a walk along the cliffs at Pillar point afterwards.

      1. re: Sebby

        Sebby said: "I thought the batter at Joanne's was heavy and soggy, while Barb's is light and crispy."

        Interesting. We've been to both places on numerous occasions and our experience is the exact opposite. In the dozen-plus times we've had the F & C there, we always found the batter at Ketch Joanne to be light and non-greasy. In fact, so greaseless that it doesn't even seem fried. However, we found that Barbara's fish and chips (the two times we've had them) had a thick and greasy batter, so on the rare occasion we go there we don't order anything fried. Go figure.

        Ketch Joanne
        17 Johnson Pier, Princeton-by-the Sea, CA 94018

        1. re: Sebby

          Always greasy bland fried fish at Barb's several times over the years.

          They do so much volume without being able to change the fryers that the oil gets cooked out. Besides, they're to busy and pressed for space to drain the fish but throw it one the plate fresh from the grease.

          Despite this, Fishtrap is a beloved and oft recommended destination. My friend ate there because he likes cheap and plentiful rather than quality, at least in the 90's.

          Have had perfect golden fried fish at Woodhouse BUT the fish is too bland to be enjoyable for this fish lover.

      2. Sea Salt.

        Sea Salt
        2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

        1. The Irish Bank (off of Bush Street, between Grant & Kearny) serves a pretty good F&C.

          Irish Bank Bar and Restaurant
          10 Mark Ln, San Francisco, CA 94108

          1. Pig and Whistle's fish and chips are quite traditional and good.

            Pig and Whistle
            2801 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

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            1. re: mrs bacon

              Second Pig & Whistle, but no matter how interesting or intriguing it sounds, avoid the curry fries at all cost.

              1. re: Civil Bear

                the fish & chip (9) is quite a value with it's enormous 2 pieces. juicy, flaky, and fresh tasting. if you go during happy hour (4-6), pints are only $3. nice selection of brews but not extraordinary.

            2. Excellent! Thanks everyone. Let me know if you think of any place decent for fish and chips in Marin...

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              1. re: MissVeg

                In Sausalito: fish. Good quality: fresh Alaskan halibut; good sides including excellent frites. BUT: high prices. $23 at last visit. I hear they are doing fried oysters & chips too.

                350 Harbor Dr, Sausalito, CA 94965

                1. re: MissVeg

                  Nicks Cove and Cottages in Tomales use fresh halibut for their F&C...worth the drive to West Marin.

                  1. re: dmg8758

                    Yes. Fresh fish and good frying technique are most important. I found this photo I had taken a while back, of halibut and chips at Ketch Joanne. Draw your own conclusions.