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Sep 29, 2010 06:33 AM

Brunch spot in Western Nassau/Eastern Queens

I'm going to brunch with my sister and sister-in-law. My sister is from Manhattan and likes swanky places with high prices and small portions. My sister-in-law is from LI and enjoys low-key places with low prices and large portions. I'm happy at either. I am looking for a Sunday Brunch preferably buffet. My favorite is Garden City Hotel but that's too over the top for my SIL. Please help me find a happy-medium for these two!

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  1. If you're only looking for buffet.....low key is Shish Kebab in Port Washington. Supposedly a very nice selection and except for holidays, $9.95! Another more upscale, but probably not as upscale as Garden City Hotel is Riverbay.

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      Thanks so much! Non of us are big seafood eaters (SIL is allergic). I should have mentioned that earlier.

    2. Vetro by Russo's in Howard Beach has a brunch, pretty place--supposed to be good, but I haven't been--Jonathon's on Jericho Tpke has a brunch, not buffet--didn't really care for dinner there, ,but heard brunch is suppposed to be good--Went to a nice brunch buffet recently at Monterey in Long Beach, but that's out of the way from your required locale--Queens is not really known for it's buffett brunches--although you could go for dim sum in Flushing--

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        I hadn't thought of Jonathan's. That might work - we've all been there before and I think it's a happy medium between my two sisters. Thanks...I'll check out the menu!

      2. has a really great list of brunch sites on Long Island. I live in south east long island, 56th Fighter Group is really nice. I like to slum it in my own back yard most Sundays at the White Whale. Food is so so here, Absolutely nothing to brag about. But the people, bar and atmosphere are worth a visit.

        There is a really nice patio room with a water view, and the bar area has a fireplace.