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Sep 29, 2010 06:31 AM

home kitchen inspections ny times

this is about a home cook bringing over a DOH food safety inspector. it was a pleasure to read and i thought i'd share:

minus the cat, i'm guilty on all the same counts (and then some, given that there's no way a purge of my fridge and cupboards is happening).

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  1. I enjoyed that article as well. I have three cats so would immediately fail! I am good though about the towels used to wipe counters (they immediately go into the to-be-washed pile). And since my refrigerator occasionally freezes things I'm probably ok there :) I like the idea of nicknaming the cat 5-points. But not washing my hands in the kitchen sink? It ain't gonna happen.

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      Ditto on the not washing hands in the kitchen sink. And I have a cat (although usually I have two). But I haven't died yet, so I'm comfortable with the way my kitchen is. :-)

    2. I don't think any home kitchens would pass the food inspectors of any state. I am surprised to read that NYC has only recently begun requiring that restaurants post their inspection grades. It's been done that way in souithern California since I was a kid, and when I was in junior high school, my grandfather was always proud of the "A" he got for his malt shop (some of the sundays and milkshakes reside on my hips to this day!). Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can access restaurant grades on-line for many communities. My personal policy is to either check before I go, or not for at least three months after when the grades have been done anew.

      I am amused by the rule of not washing hands in a kitchen sink. I don't allow food to be washed in the sink if it's actually set down on the inside of the sink. ALL sinks have a "U" shaped trap under them that is always filled with water from the sink's last use to block gases from coming up the pipe and back into the kitchen. That water is NOT sanitary! So I am always puzzled why health departments don't realized bacteria and other nasties can climb up the wet drain and into my sink. If I need to wash lettuce or other veggies by letting them rest in water, it is always done in a plastic dishpan that is sterilized just prior to use. Nooooo.... I don't THINK I'm phobic! But I suppose other opinions may vary. '-)

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        good point about the drain. I always wash food in a colander that sits across the sink (love that thing). Though I don't sterilize it!

      2. That was pretty entertaining! Thanks for posting.

        1. Whenever I lick my fingers while cooking, marry the contents of two jars, taste food out of the pot on the stirring spoon or feed my cat tidbits while she keeps me company (OK I admit I have 3=15 points), I always am thankful that I'm not in a commercial kitchen anymore. As a matter of fact, I do these things with a perverse kind of pleasure. The thought of actually inviting the inspector over is wild!

          1. Really funny stuff. I'm certainly glad that restaurants are held to such strict standards, and even more glad that I don't have to pass such a test! :)

            I have about 40 dish towels -- they're so cheap it's silly not to have a stack of them! -- so I am definitely not reusing manky towels. That's something, anyway!

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            1. re: LauraGrace

              My mother was a really good cook, but one time I was at her house when she was cooking for a bunch of us, and I saw a dirty kleenex and some used dental floss on the counter right where she was fixng the meal. I wasn't going to say anything but she said something to trash me, so I brought up the used kleenex and the used dental floss on the counter, and she got all huffy and "thanks for pointing that out" because there were people ther that weren't family. Hey- don't set yourself up, then. She was a good cook, but she was kind of a mess, too.