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Sep 29, 2010 06:16 AM

new restaurant Fairfield, CT I think it is Green Fields

Has anyone tried this yet? Side street downtown. Just curious.

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  1. It's called the Greenhouse, but have not yet been. I was thinking of trying it but saw a sign last night boasting a happy hour with $4 well drinks so not sure what to expect.

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    1. Best meal I have had in a while. Don't pay attention to the ordinary bread basket that arrives, it is not a good indication of what is to come (nor worth the carbs). Tried 2 soups, both were excellent. Moved on to the die for chili. Worth the drive from anywhere. Lots of fresh ingredients and time went into that dish. Pork belly was very tasty but the roll it was on was just too big, so we used it to wipe out every last bit of the chili from the bowl. Dessert bars were amazing, as good as what comes out of my oven (and I am pretty talented). Service was perfect. Priced VERY fairly too. Glad they take reservations, we will need it. Was very busy last night, nice mixed crowd.