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Sep 29, 2010 03:32 AM

No Problemo in New Bedford

Had an early dinner Monday night. The setting is cute and the wait staff really nice. Music is loud but it works here. I ordered a veggie taco and sangria. The sangria was so so. I swear I did not taste any alcohol. It was just marginal and certainly not memorable. The veggie taco was fine, fresh veggies and a tiny bit of guacamole as I had requested. The chips were bagged red yellow and blue, salty and boring. The homemade chunky salsa was good. A cute spot that did not wow me.

No Problemo
813 Purchase St, New Bedford, MA 02740

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  1. they seem to be sliding downward.we went maybe 2 weeks ago,waited 20 mins for 2 burritos,they were ok..its not the same as it was.......

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      Is the place seriously called "No Problemo"??? Not to be a grammar nerd, but that is all kinds of WRONG. It should be "NingĂșn Problema". Sheesh...I'm just sayin'.

    2. Sure, the food is decent but I could do without the attitude.