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Sep 29, 2010 01:13 AM

Paris november

I will be in Paris for 4 days in november I have not been for 7 years and i quess its changed a bit, i will be staying near the pomp. I need your ideas for A wine bar's/ cave a manger, B lunch around 25 euro pre fix, or plate's nothing touristy for me I did all the big names about 10 years ago I am trying to reconnect with a city I spent a lot of my youth in, So what's new or old
PS simple is best for me produce is king

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  1. We have never eaten in a restaurant in that area, but have picniced in Bois de Boulonge on several occasions. Also, none of our visits to Paris is complete without a stop to Musee Marmottan Monet. For produce you might wish to visit the open markets. As for better restaurants, I think they would be to east of where you are staying. Anyway, with this response your request will get a boost up to the top where a better informed reader might notice and have some advice.

    Good luck and have fun!!

    1. Hychka, I dont really understand your post, i am no where near the Bois!! as i stated I am staying next to the pompidou center! I dont see how I could get any more central!!!
      Thanks Tea

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        Excuse me! I thought that you had misspelled "pompe," which is a street/neighborhood over by the Bois. Actually I'm glad to hear it as things are much more exciting by the pompidou. In that area, the neatest new thing is "Frenchie's." Reservations by phone and internet are nearly impossible, so I walk over during lunch and ask for whatever he has. The prices are good (at lunch/haven't been to dinner yet) and the food is excellent.

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          You should not call the area Pomp. No one does. I too thought you meant Pompe. With personal arbitrary shortening of nalmes, imagine our recommending, - you know, - Ch√Ęteau, or Autour, or Ami, Ami or Ami.

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            Parigi: Are you objecting to the abbreviation "Pomp" or the use of the Centre Pompidou (in favor of the Beaubourg) altogether?

            1. re: John Talbott

              The former. I was confused about the former. Centre Pompidou or Beaubourg is fine and understandable. Pomp or Dou or Beau or Bourg, much less so.

        2. You are indeed centrally located which means that you can take a metro or bus to any area without inconvenience. If you run a search at the top of this page for wine bar's, cave a manger, lunch around 25 euro pre fix, you will come up with many specific suggestions from which to choose.

          "Wine bars Paris" alone brings up these topics:

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            "You are indeed centrally located which means that you can take a metro or bus to any area"
            Thank you Mangeur.

            1. re: John Talbott

              Cave a manger I would totally go to Le Verre Vole