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All you can eat mussels have arrived in Charlotte

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I don't know if this excites you, but it sure as hell excited me. You can now get all you can eat mussels in Charlotte! Monday nights at Cafe Monte in South Park are mussel nights, and for $18 (or $14 I can't remember exactly) you can eat as many of these bivalves as you can.

Cafe Monte
Ashley Park Lane Suite 108, Charlotte, NC 28210

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  1. My only issue with this event, having been and enjoyed in the past, is if the service remains as vile as it was the last two times we went and partook. I have no problems with the food, and know some of the management socially, but my last two experiences have been pretty awful with the service end.

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    1. re: Nocturnalbill

      Ouch what happened? I've been twice and both times the service was fine.

      1. re: dineandcook

        Literally took 3 hours for a 1.5 hour meal. The waitress disappeared, when it was brought to the attention of the OWNER, he shrugged. Eventually took 20% off of the meal when my wife came up to him (I was no longer at the point where it was in my best interest to speak to him), but the damage was done. Love the food and location, but that sealed it for us.

        1. re: dineandcook

          There have been about two other times when it was slow, but not awful, the shrug was what tore it.

          1. re: Nocturnalbill

            Not defending their actions, but at least the owner took 20% off. Not a lot of places do that anymore.

            1. re: dineandcook

              Well true, and will certainly defend the mussels, as they were one of my wife's favorite things. Mussels and wine with those frites was great. Dang...will have to start raiding Costco and doing the mussels at home again.

              1. re: Nocturnalbill

                I let my Cosco membership lapse two years ago and was thinking about renewing. They have mussels? Are they farmed or wild?

                1. re: dineandcook

                  Have never checked...bet on farmed. And yes, can't guarantee that they're wild and organic and all that amazingness, but they cooked nicely, and were a huge container.