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Sep 28, 2010 11:38 PM


Does anybody know of a place where I can try this elusive Danish food?

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  1. There's a booth at the Fremont and Georgetown Markets known simply as "The Ebelskiver Lady". I have not actually tried it. There's a Facebook page with pictures and whatnot:

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      We tried the Ebelskiver Lady at the Georgetown Market and thought it was really good. She offers both sweet and savory. We got the smoked salmon, lemon curd, and butter and jam. I liked the sweet the best although the smoked salmon was also good. I thought they were delicious. There's also the Velvet Goose in Kent that offers ebelskivers. I haven't had them, but the rest of their food is good.

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        I just looked up the Velvet Goose and it turns out that they closed down in May due to the owner's health condition.

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          Oh that's too bad. Sorry about that.

    2. The Nordic Heritage Museum will have them at the Nordic Cafe for Yule Fest (November 20,21). As mentioned the "Ebleskiver Lady" has a cart at the Sat. Georgetown Market (at least she was there when I was there two Saturdays ago). I thought that the Copper Gate offered them but I looked at the menu on Urban Spoon and didn't see it. I will walk by and check out the most current menu. You can buy the batter mix at Scandinavian Specialities in Ballard (15th Ave. at 67th Street)

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        Yes, The Ebelskiver Lady is at Georgetown Market on Saturdays (until it ends for the season October 16th), and at the Fremont Market on Sundays year round. More markets to come next season when they open in 2011 in May.

        -Susanne, Owner of The Ebelskiver Lady

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          well then. now i know what i'm doing on saturday.

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            Please come to the Cap. Hill Market!

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              Oh I wish I could. Many of the street markets in Seattle are specifically farmer's markets and (due to choice, as well as limited space) focus on produce and fresh foods and have only one or two spaces for hot food vendors, so those spots are hard to get. Capitol Hill market is one of those. However if you'd like to see me and my ebelskivers there, feel free to tell the organizers of that market!

        2. i know this may be blasphemy ( my wife makes great abelskivers for me once a month with a 50+ year old abelskiver pan) but i saw frozen abelskivers by the bag in the kirkland trader joe's last sunday. if you try them let us all know.

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            I'm pretty sure I won't be trying them anytime soon. In fact, actually, we have an aebleskiver pan at home and were just wanting to a) see how close our recipe was and b) introduce the concept to a group of our friends with a little less effort.