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ISO fresh halibut or striped bass

I have a recipe that is calling my name and I want to make it for company this weekend. Have all the ingredients EXCEPT the fish. I've combed all the major supermkts (MB, Shaws, S & S) and can't find it. I live in Wakefield. Anyone know where I can find some? BTW, had the halibut dish at Lumiere last night and it knocked my socks off!!

Lumiere Restaurant
1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

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  1. MA commercial striper season is over:


    Don't know about other states.

    The answer to all seafood questions in Boston: call New Deal Seafood Cambridge.

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      As usual, SG is correct. I got beautiful halibut at New Deal last week. I completely trust them to tell me what's available and why. Am going Thursday because that's the day the sardines are in.

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        New Deal is the best - here is a shot of Carl and the halibut from which we got a gorgeous filet a few weeks ago!

    2. Check out Whole Foods in Woburn, you can always call ahead.

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        I like WF Woburn for meat but WF Fresh Pond is so much better for fish, I think they have much higher turnover and it shows in the quality and variety of what they offer.

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          I have NOT been happy with WF Fresh Pond fish. Spoiled stuff more than once.

          New Deal is SO FAR SUPERIOR then any supermarket fish department, if you can stand the schlep it is utterly worth it.

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            Last time I was at the fish counter at the WF in fresh pond, the guy working the counter bristled at my request for him to cut me fresh tuna steaks (at $24.99/lb), instead trying to force me to take the already oxidizing pieces in the case. My wife said "why don't we just to to New Deal". Duh...of course, why would I go anywhere else...

      2. The large supermarket chains are probably the worst choice for fresh fish. They deal in quantity and tend to offer a limited variety that is available to them throughout the year. Price points are very important to them. As a result you are far more likely to get a nice variety of locally caught fish at a market that specializes in fish. The only supermarket that I would recommend for fish is Whole Foods. The fish there is usually very fresh and the variety is better than the more mass market chains (though centered on high-end species). However, like StriperGuy I would recommend New Deal over WF if you can make it to East Cambridge. The prices strike me as at least a little better and the quality is the best around.

        Another interesting option for good-quality fish is large Asian supermarkets. You will find a much larger variety there and often the prices are lower. The fish tend to be whole which gives you a better chance to judge freshness. For example, I got some very nice flounder at H-Mart a few days ago. The one drawback there is that the buyers seem not to emphasize local sources as much as I would personally prefer. For example at H-Mart they sell fresh fresh mackerel, which is a favorite species of mine. This is the type of mackerel that is usually called Boston mackerel, not Spanish or King mackerel. Well, at H-Mart their mackerel always seems to come from Norway. That has to add at least a day or two to the time it takes to get the fish from the water to the display case. It has been tasty when I have bought it (sometimes the sale prices are just too attractive to pass up), but still I would have preferred locally-caught fish.

        3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

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          I've tried whole fish from the Asian markets (Super 88 and Mings) and always with a little trepidation but so far the fish has been quite good. My concern is I often can't tell the source of the fish. If I don't go to New Deal or am in the western suburbs, I'll use Captain Marden's though you have to call ahead if you want whole fish Their filleted fishes are very good and very reliable. I get very good tuna at Sea to Us in Brookline at very good prices. So far, I've been happy with them. Finally, I'll use whole foods in a pinch. It is both pricey and not in my experience on a par with new deal. On another thread, someone said wulf's in brookline was sold and has improved so I'm going to try it as that's the closest to me but in the past I've been very unhappy with the product so stopped going years ago.

          Captain Marden
          279 Linden St, Wellesley, MA 02482

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            The striped bass in the Chinatown markets is farm raised from MD..and not very good..nothing like wild. Never seen halibut, guessing it's too pricy for their target mkt. Mackeral and flounder generally look ok.

            I'd second or third New Deal for the OP.

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              Farm raised striper tastes like tilapia, er catfish er the soy/fish meal pellets on which it is raised. Not terrible, but not remotely the same thing as wild striper.

              The only farm raised fish I will eat with any regularity is salmon, though even salmon has ALL SORTS of issues.

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              I had not heard of New Deal and am now eager to go! Here in the Salem/Beverly area, I have gone to Cherry Street Fish Market in Danvers for fish (busy place, good turnover, never have gotten anything bad) - I esp. like the chowder fish there. Inexpensive and fresh. Perfect little pieces for a casserole or chowder. Market Basket in Danvers is ok too - but I will *only* get fish that's priced well and that seems to be moving quickly. Otherwise the fish looks pretty sad. I've also gotten fish at H-Mart. The last time I went I got wild salmon tails for $1.99 lb. The turnover was spectacular that day (lots of people elbowing each other to get some salmon), and the fish super fresh. Some of H-Mart's fish, I would not buy (doesn't look good to me), but I tend to be a bit fussy when it comes to fish...And, my fishermen neighbors have given me some great fish too!

            3. Whole Foods Medford often has halilbut. It has been fine.

              1. I've seen some great halibut at Costco, for striped bass I'd go to Connonly's, at the dock, in Gloucester.

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                  Not this time of year. Season is long over.

                2. If you're willing to drive in to Brookline, Cyndi the Fish Lady at the Brookline farmers market has incredibly fresh fish, and carries halibut. If you pre-order by e-mail she'll have your order cut and waiting for you on ice. Just write to fishlady19@verizon.net, and include a phone number.

                  The market is tomorrow (Thursday) from 1:30 to dusk, and you can pre-order up to 6PM today.

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                  1. re: BobB

                    Globe Fish comes to various Farmer's Markets, and I've seen her with halibut recently.

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                      In years past, we bought from Cyndi on a weekly basis. While we are very glad for her success, but the operation has become a bit too busy for us to go out of our way to stop at the Brookline Farmers Market and support her. Even with pre-orders, there is often a 10+ minute line just to pick the fish up. That coupled with difficult parking and some other factors have made Brookline not worth our time this year. FWIW, in years past, Cyndi has bought her fish from Globe (same place as Dave's Fresh Pasta among other places). When she has the fish you want, prices are competitive though (generally around $17 for Halibut), and Cyndi is a pleasure to deal with (wait aside).

                      1. re: Gabatta

                        I agree the wait was bad at the beginning of the season, but I haven't been in a line more than four people long for at least the past month. The trick to parking is to realize that they don't enforce the usual no-parking rules on that whole section of Centre Street during the market. I almost always park along Centre (except when I walk).

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                          Good to know on all fronts. I may have to start scheduling appointments in Brookline on Thursday afternoons again, and just park farther up Centre street.

                          Did she get more help at the stand? The last I went it was her and one of her children, with Cindy handling the walkups and her son handling the pre-orders.

                          1. re: Gabatta

                            Currently it's Cyndi plus another woman - they both handle all comers on a first-come, first-served basis.

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                              Globe fish is also at the Arlington Market on Wednesdays. The prices are about the same or less. Parking is't too bad. It is not Cyndi but two other women. They take preorders as walkups, usually not a big wait.

                    2. Have been calling around. WF has it but they admitted there were quality issues. New Deal has it (of course). For the loin (don't want steaks) its $28/lb. Ouch!!! Had a nice conversation w the fishmonger. He said cod loin would be a good substitute in my recipe. May go that route.

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                      1. re: shaebones

                        The Fish Lady (see my post above) has halibut at $18/lb this week.

                        1. re: BobB

                          Were they steaks or loins? The steaks at New Deal are $18/lb, loins $28/lb

                          1. re: shaebones

                            I don't know, I don't usually buy halibut. But you could send her an e-mail and ask. Even if they are steaks, she may be able to get loins on special request.

                            1. re: BobB

                              I sent her an email. No reply yet. In the meantime. I found some!! Twin Seafood in Reading. He's been getting requests for Halibut today (Bet it 's that recipe in Bon Appetit.) He'll have it tomorrow. Filet's for ~ $17/lb. I can live w that. :)

                              Bon Appetit Restaurant
                              1132 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester Center, MA 02124