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Sep 28, 2010 10:31 PM

Has anyone tried new Hop Angel Brauhaus?

Grey Lodge Pub from Frankford Ave. recently opened up Hop Angel Brauhaus in the old Brauhaus on Oxford Ave in Rockledge. Any reviews or recs. thanks

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  1. I have been there three times, the latest being last night. The beer selection is superb, with a wonderful mixture of german imports and american craft micros in a german style. Beers in additional to the standard Hacker, Paulaner, Warsteiner and Spaten included great beers like Kostrizer Schwartzbier. They had locals on tap as well including Sly Fox Rauschbier, Manayunk's Alt and a Dock Street as well.

    Food wise they have both a bar menu and a full dinner menu. Bar menu has sandwiches, burgers and appetizers. They are sourcing their meats from both Illigs and Riekers (which is right across the street.)

    I have had the country pate, which is served with rye toast and is very good. The house salad is fresh greens perfectly dressed with oil and lemon. They make their own head cheese which is very good, if not a bit under seasoned.

    I have had the Schnitzel, which was very well done, not greasy at all, and freshly breaded. I would have preferred it pounded a bit thinner, but that is just personal preference. Also, it doesn't come with the traditional lemon wedge, but it is easy enough to ask for it.

    They have great potential, it is worth visiting now and I believe it will only get better. I think I heard they say they are going to be adding a pizza oven in the future, and continue to work with the menu. Pat. Matt and Scoats have embraced the heritage that the Grund family left there and are gong to make this a place worth visiting in the years to come

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      Ooh! This sounds like it's worth a special trip! Maybe lunch at Hop Angel, then pop over to Riekers for cold cuts to go.

      This is going on my "to-do" list! Thanks!

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        Call ahead to see if they are serving lunch. I know it was starting soon, but not sure when.

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          Their website lists lunch as 11-4 daily. Since I probably won't be in town for a few weeks, I'll check then. Thanks!

    2. I'm so glad you posted this, I was planning a birthday brunch for my husband at Otto's this Sunday. He and his friends are huge beer geeks and love the Grey Lodge... so it might be a fun treat to go here instead. I checked the menu and it looks great! I just have to make sure they are serving lunch.

      1. This place is a disappointment. Lived in Berlin for three years and appreciated the standards for the classic German cuisine - even the restaurants attached to gas stations showed off the virtues of the guild system. I've been twice to Hop Angel and would return for the great beers and the wursts, which come from the excellent German butcher across the street. (Please find some interesting mustards.) A good place for sitting at the bar with friends, but I won't order dinner again there for a long time.

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          OK, drubi, you stipulate they have great beers and wursts. What did you have for dinner that was so disappointing?

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            Two types of schnitzel, potato pancakes, the 'Kraut and applesauce.

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            Actually most of the wursts come from Illigs in Chalfont... (according to the Chef... ).

            I think its hard to hold a US restaurant to the standards of what you find in the native country. The schnitzel I had there was good... though certainly not as good as what I had in Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin. But certainly better than what I had the last time I went to Ottos, and as good if not better than when I have eaten at Brauhaus Schmitz in Philadelphia. And I would expect the restaurant to continue to get better.