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Anniversary dinner . . . Providence or Mozza

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My husband and I are celebrating our sixth anniversary and I am trying to decide between the pasta tasting menu at Mozza or Providence. We both love seafood and we ate at Babbo last year. Which would be more romantic?

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  1. None of the above.
    Go to Madeo

    Madeo Restaurant
    8897 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

    1. I went to Mozza with my girlfriend last week for what was about the eighth time, and although I like the atmosphere it's starting to lose it's appeal as a romantic date spot for us. It's noisy, the tables are extremely close together and the servers can get extremely busy to a point where they can't give you much attention. I love eating there, but it's starting to feel more like my local watering hole to me. Providence is more romantic. They make the occasion feel special.

      1. If you love seafood, and you want a special occasion atmosphere, Providence is perfect.

        1. Madeo is hardly romantic. It's a fun industry place with well executed but pretty straight forward Italian food.

          And nowhere in the league of Melisse or Providence.

          If you love seafood, want a romantic place, then go to Providence. BTW - they have a few dessert tasting menus. That's always romantic!

          Madeo Restaurant
          8897 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

          1. Mozza is good.. but I agree with the comment below ,it is not is the same class as Providence. Providence is one of the top resturants in LA and my clear favorite. great food.

            1. I could never recommend Providence for an anniversary dinner. Went there for our fourth anniversary a couple years back and it could not have been more different than the restaurant described on this board. Service usually doesn't matter to me, but the waiter was abusive to us, the sommelier simply ignored us, and I was twice brought items that I had specifically told the staff I was allergic to. We can't get that anniversary back and we won't be back to Providence. In L.A., Melisse is a much more romantic experience...

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                I agree that Melisse is the better choice. It feels more romantic and special overall - plus you could go for the Carte Blanche tasting menu. I have had some service issues at Providence as well.

              2. Providence is more romantic than Mozza and won't be nearly as cramped. Every time I've been to Providence, the service has been impeccable. If you choose Providence, be sure to let them know you are coming in for an anniversary dinner.