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A tourist comes to Montreal..... Scenario

So a tourist that never heard of montreal before comes here for food purposes. He tells you he could eat one meal in montreal and then he has to go. Where would you take him?
Bonus points for atmosphere, creativity, originality, and food choice.
No price limitations by the way!

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    1. Ask someone to cook for you!

      1. We need someone to report on the chef's table at Européa, so take him there. $250 per person, allocate 4-5 hours.

        I have not tried it, but always enjoy Européa.

        1. Where does this tourist come from ?

          Europea is nice, but it's the kind of "international" restaurant that can be found in any major city.

          -La Salle à Manger.
          -3 Petits Bouchons.
          - Toqué ( depends good or bad, me think it could represent a great selection of local produces)
          - 5ème peché.
          - Joe Beef
          - DNA
          - ...

          Joe Beef
          2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

          1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

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              I think as amazing as it is you could find it in another city

            2. re: Maximilien

              Out of the restaurants you have suggested, besides Toqué, Maximilien, which would be the quietest restaurant on a Saturday night at 7 pm, with the least background noise?

              I'd like to try some of these restaurants, but I need to find one where conversation won't be challenging.

            3. Do let us know where you end up taking him, and how it turned out.

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                I think this is a "thought experiment" not an actual scenario, but I could be wrong.

              2. I am surprised not to see Au Pied de Cochon suggested. I know for locals it's maybe become a little one-note, but for a Quebec experience that you really could not have elsewhere, I think it's a good choice. For similar reasons, I would also suggest La Banquise.

                Sometimes the one meal you need to eat in a city is not the high class fancy choice. If it's just about the food culture, I think looking for something more locally special is the key. While I love DNA and Au Cinquieme Peche, I don't think either of them are quite so uniquely Montreal.

                Au Cinquieme Peche
                4475 St-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2K8, CA

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                1. re: eoj

                  I agree with eoj on Restaurant Au Pied de Cochon.

                  Plus, I would provide links to the Food Network interview and "Wild Chef" episodes featuring Chef/Owner Martin Picard. He is so refreshingly unaffected and has a great sense of humor.

                  A great way flavor the meal ahead!

                  Interview with Martin Picard

                  Wild Chef

                  Au Pied de Cochon
                  536 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2L1A9, CA

                  1. re: eoj

                    I think APDC turns off a significant number of visitors because of the type of foods they serve. They sure serve creative and tasty food and it's uniquely Montreal, but not everyone can handle the huge fat content, high protein, high cholesterol, etc meals that they serve with foie gras, huge servings of pork, duck fat fries, etc. I've taken some of my American and Japanese friends there, and it's been 50/50 whether they like it or not. It's like going to the famous American steak houses and carnivore palaces (BBQ joints, pit roast restaurants, etc.) of various types south of the border - these places are a turn-off for a big segment of the population. However, I like APDC and it's one of my favourite places in town when I want to binge!

                    1. re: VinnyRW

                      I've always found APDC most enjoyable when I've remembered that I don't have to eat everything they serve me!

                      And afterall, I think it's rare that the foods most emblematic of any particular food culture appeal to everyone. Pleasing everyone is usually a sign of something totally mediocre and bland enough not to offend anyone.

                      1. re: VinnyRW

                        I read the other day that APDC cooks their fries in horse fat, not duck fat. Looking around today I see a smattering of both statements. I'm curious which is true.

                        1. re: jgg13

                          It says duck fat on their menu.

                          1. re: jgg13

                            Their menu says "Frites (au gras de canard) / Fries (in duck fat)."

                        1. re: AubWah

                          I sincerely hope that is a joke.

                          1. re: kpaxonite

                            if i was coming to montreal i would choose a restaurant outside of city core or one of the choices in old montreal just for either ambience of vieux monteal or atmosphere in a neighbourhood restaurant and perhaps one of the byob if on a budget. That is what makes montreal different to me -- the french culture, history and joie de vivre-otherwise good restaurants and even better service exists elsewhere!

                        2. I would probably bring them to "overrated" yet "iconic" montreal landmarks: schwartz, la banquise, st-viateur/fairmount bagels. I might throw in la paryse for good measure too, but i've never been though. Granted they are not the most gastronomic restaurants, but those are restaurants that are unique to Montreal (along with PDC, but that has already been mentioned)

                          1. Even though all cities have an Italian Quarter, I would bring them to the most excellant Primo & Secondo or Lucca. Even Cafe Via Dante is superb in serving Northern Italian.

                            Other favorites for me recently have been Le Pois Penché, and though La Queue de Cheval is overpriced, for lunch the prices are quite good and the food delicious.

                            Le Pois Penché
                            1230 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal, QC H3G 1M2, CA

                            Cafe Via Dante
                            251 Rue Dante, Montreal, QC H2S1K3, CA

                            1. Could you sneak in an Orange Julep on the way back to YUL?

                              1. Who says he needs to go sit at a restaurant?

                                Grab some Romados chicken + fries and send him all the way up Rachel. Stop in at a dep, grab a 6-pack of St. Ambroise, and off to the parc he goes.

                                Provided, of course, he's here on a warm, Sunday afternoon... ;)