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Sep 28, 2010 07:16 PM

Melbourne: where to go in Parkville

Staying with a friend in Parkville and wanted to see if there's anywhere worth checking out in the area.


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  1. Not in Parkville itself (which is basically the Uni/Hospital access) but lots in all directions from there.

    East is Carlton - DOC, Carlton Espresso, Le Parisienne
    North is North Carlton - Enoteca Sileno, Scopri, Ablas, La Luna
    South is North Melbourne, a bit volatile but Libertine, Court House are always solid

    1. Yeah, Parkville's a bit sparse.

      To add to mr_gimlet's list, Abla's Lebanese in Carlton is a Melbourne institution. Banquet style and you do have to book.

      Hotel Lincoln also in Carlton for modern Aussie pub grub.

      Also, Markov's Place in Carlton - Spanish tapas - always have a great time there.

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        didn't get a chance to thank you guys for the :)