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Old Stone Trattoria in Chappaqua

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Has anyone been here? Is it a pizzeria or more of a restaurant. Hard to tell from outside.

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  1. If you're talking about the place that opened up in the D'Ag plaza then it's your run-of-the-mill pizza place. Grabbed a slice yesterday to try it out...not bad, not great. They make the pizza in what looks to be a brick oven heated with nat. gas flames.

    1. definitely not worth a visit - and you would have to visit as they don't deliver. Ordered a pie and pizza was mediocre at best.

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        I was there on Friday, had a slice and a salad. THey do deliver, they said they have been swamped with delivieries so maybe they stopped to "catch up". They have waitress service to the table and are waiting on a beer and wine license. For now it BYOB and the wine store is right there. I agree that its not what we need in town but with it there, I think it will do well since they are trying to be more than just a by the "slice" place. I wish them luck!

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          We took out over the weekend. Nothing special. I like Pizza Station better. My hopes of a Motorino clone have been dashed. Will travel to White Plains for Anthony's or Yonkers to Frank Peppe and will continue to make my own pizza at home. If only I had a wood burning or brick oven!

          Pizza Station
          88 S Greeley Ave, Chappaqua, NY 10514

      2. And once again we prove that it seems no one can agree on what good pizza is!!

        1. I had dinner there with my family and left totally unimpressed. The service was very poor
          and the chicken scarparello slice was as dry as dry could possibly be. I'm content with going the
          extra miles to Frank Pepe's in Yonkers.

          1. We have eaten there twice (we live walking distance) and it is not bad - excellent fresh straciatella Romana soup and good pizza - flavorful crust, good sauce and gooey cheese. The lasagna was decent, if a bit uninspired. Antipasto was just OK - they should try the antipasto at A Mangiare just a mile away in Pleasantville. Overall, a nice neighborhood restaurant with loys of potential - I wish them luck and hope they do well.

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              Went back for takeout - ordered a personal pie and antipasto (hoping it would be better this time) The pie was completely burned on the edges and soggy in the middle. The antipasto was worse than the last time - two pieces of salami and four pieces of ham, lost of giardinere and some lettuce. I spoke with the manager the next day and he said they had a new guy working there and he would talk to the kitchen. Sorry guys - get your act together!

            2. Went for dinner Saturday night. The decor was lovely, nice atmosphere and there is one lovely waitress who was not ours unfortunately. The pizza was unremarkable and what was even funnier is that there an extra thin crust pizza that comes out exactly the same crust as the regular pizza. The dough was very chewy, almost like a wheat crust. One pizza came out white instead of browned and the cheese was not evenly melted at all. This place has possibilities but needs to work on consistency and a real thin brick oven product. The size of the personal pie was perfect and the price reasonable. Our service could have been improved greatly. I hope they do well too as it's a nice atmosphere in a pizza place for a change.

              Patsy Pizzeria in the city remains the ideal for me and their brick oven is really that. Keep trying Old Stove!

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                Wow, a brick oven heated with gas? What a dumb idea!! Might as well just have used a steel deck...

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                  Try Sal's in P'Ville/Thornwood. New and pizza was really good. Just basic - but we all really loved it. Didn't go in the place - had it delivered.

              2. The pizza was fine. Not great. Just fine.

                1. We have been eating at Old Stone Trattoria since it first opened. We are very satified with the food, ambiance, decor and service. Initially the service was a bit bumpy but the past three times we ate there have been extremely responsive, helpful and organized.

                  Last night we had one of our favorites which is the thin crust pizza. We love that. Salad was good, kids got kids size chicken parm with side of spaghetti and other one got penne meatball. Meatball is delicious and sauce very tasty.

                  The red sauce is what drives the taste and theirs is great. We love it. We like having a pizza restaurant in Chappaqua and much prefer this to the pizza places where eating in is not enjoyable. I would say give this place a try if you have not recently, you wont be disappointed!!

                  1. Had dinner there yesterday - what a horror show! Two couples and none of us will be going back. The calamari appetizer was served with a plain tomato sauce with no herbs or spices. Then they put this same sauce on my chicken parmagian, the side of pasta and on an order of baked ziti (which, on the menu, specifically said it came with marinara sauce). It was sent back and removed from the check. My wife's pasta side dish was hard and the veal for her entree was overcooked. The bread basket arrived with cold bread. Not room temp., just cold as if it was removed from a refrigerator. We sent it back and had it heated. No excuse for any restaurant to serve anything but warm bread. While the appetizers were being served they brought out one entree salad to one of the diners. While still eating the appetizers they next brought out all the other entrees. Which we sent back and asked to keep them warm. The pizza is OK and that is the only reason we will ever step foot inside again. Though I'd just as soon drive the extra couple of miles and go to Basilico in Mt. Kisco or Luciano's in Pleasantville.

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                      Gerardo's in Mt.Kisco, across from Friendly's, is a great pizza place that serves more than just good pizza, solid food for a quick casual meal .

                    2. I love this place. You have to order the rectangular "Grandma's" pies, not the regular, round ones if you want good pizza. If you order right, you'll be very happy. Chicken parmesan is also very good. So is spaghetti and meatballs.