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Sep 28, 2010 06:14 PM

How much to budget for group wine tasting fees?

Hi All,

I'm planning a group trip to wine country (~30 people, undecided between Sonoma and Napa) and trying to determine how much to budget for tastings. I know that some places are free, and others are really expensive, but what would be a fair ballpark per person per tasting budget if we want to hit up some vineyards with good wine and a really nice atmosphere?


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  1. Honestly, you're not going to hit anywhere worth going with 30 people. You're either going to be in a huge bus or a giant caravan of cars. I can't think of a single place I'd want to visit that would allow that many people, or allows buses at all.

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      idk, if you're willing to pay and make arrangements in advance, you probably get a private tour and tasting at most wineries (eg Pride or Spring Mountain, which are really good wineries). It wouldn't be cheap, around $50/pp, or so., but 30 is doable, especially midweek/off-peak. You certainly can't walk-in, though, and you'll have to pay quite a bit.

      1. re: xanadude

        imo, to an extent, it also depends on what the group is (eg wine club vs fraternity) and how you present yourself over the phone, but mainly on whether you're willing to pay.

    2. I had my 40th birthday in Healdsburg in February and we had 18 people total. I called ahead and booked 2-3 weeks's where we went and the tasting fees:

      -Quivira, $10
      -Arista, $5 (picked up sandwiches and ate them at their picnic area)
      -Ridge, $5
      -Truett Hurst, Free

      Some of my fav wineries discourage larger groups so I went to a few of them (A.Rafanelli, Preston, Unti) the day before with a smaller group (three of us)