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Sep 28, 2010 06:12 PM


We stopped eating at Pappasitos about 3 or 4 years ago due to four really bad meals in a row (at two different locations). We really loved the place and would eat there 3-4 times a month so it was disappointing. We decided to eat lunch there today. NEVER again. My $14 lunch consisted of burnt beef fajitas and a cold cheese enchilada. I ate about 1/10th of the meat where I could pick out some pieces that weren't charred but the burnt flavor was all I could taste. My tortillas were crispy on the outside..... what??? A flour tortilla should be soft.

I was thinking I was glad I added the cheese enchilada so I could have something to eat. It was room temperature, not even warm. This was about 3 minutes after the waiter set it down. I managed to eat half of it and had to let it go too. Chili gravy that is not warm is yuck.

They had some new green sauce and as I lifted the chip to my mouth, I got a smell that reminded me of my son's gym socks when he'd bring them home to wash. Too late, it was already in my mouth. It tasted a lot like it smelled. My husband's Superior was covered in the smelly sock sauce and he only ate half of his and didn't want to bring home the remainder.

Anyone else notice the change there? Is Pappadeaux's bad now too? Since the one in Seabrook closed, we haven't been there.

7110 Fm 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77069

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  1. I never thought any of the Pappas places were good to begin with. You are right to avoid them.

    1. Which store were you at? We have had bad service, but never bad food. In fact, I ate at the one on I-10 at the beltway this week and the cheese enchiladas were soooo good. Was going to try their new ribeye fajita/grilled shrimp combo next. I don't like any green sauce, so haven't tried those.

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        Clear Lake on I-45 South. My cheese enchilada would have been good if it weren't cold. I usually love the green sauce anywhere.

        1. re: texasredtop

          My girlfriends and I go the one on I-45 south regularly! However, it is only for the green sauce, and happy hour margarita specials. The food is just OK and if we want REAL Tex-Mex we go down the road to Mom Alones to eat.

      2. All of the Pappasito's I've been to in Houston were bad and overpriced. 20 or so years ago the Pappasito's in Dallas on Central Expressway was pretty good. I don't know if 100% Taquitos does tamales but everything else they do on their menu is pretty darn good, cheap and authentic.

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          Cheese enchiladas: $8.50, biggest portion in town.

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            I used to get their seafood enchiladas quite a bit. They were really good. Beef fajitas were always good until about 3-4 years ago. I was hungry for some good beef fajitas so that is why we went, hoping that over the last few years they'd gotten their act together and were good again. No more chances for them. It's even worse now than when we stopped going several years ago. Wish we would have driven over to El Tiempo.