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Sep 28, 2010 05:57 PM

Places to eat around Navy Yard?

HI, I'm going to a Nationals game tomorrow and was wondering if there are any good places to grab lunch? I'm looking for something in the $10-20 range. Thanks.

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  1. There is almost nothing to eat around the actual park. My usual preference is to grab a burger and fries at Five Guys before the game (about $10-15). Take the "other" exit at Navy Yard metro (opposite the directions to the ballpark), walk a block past CVS and take a left on 2nd street. There's also a less crowded Subway next door.

    1. The Circulator bus takes you from Eastern Market station there and back for a buck each way along 8th Street SE - TONS (ok a lot) of choices that can fit your price point. Levi Port Cafe? Cava? Popeye's? Thai? Texi-Mexi? Turkish? some of the choices aren't exactly stellar but a bit more than has popped up near the park.

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        Agreed. I see no reason not to stuff myself with a hot dog and peanuts at the game, but if I wanted a sit-down, I'd wander up and down 8th and see what appeals to me. There's so much there. Matchbox is an old favorite, and though I haven't eaten there, we stopped into Molly Malone's for a pre-game pitcher a few weeks ago and really liked the vibe.

      2. I'm confused - you're looking to grab lunch, but game time is 7:05P tomorrow night...

        Will's right about the Five Guys and Subway. If that's what you want, definitely grab outside the park - the Five Guys stand in the stadium is nearly twice as expensive.

        You're allowed to bring individual meals into the park, but only sealed water bottles (1L/person max) for drinks. We've definitely grabbed Subway on the way in before.

        In the park, BBQ is awful, the park standards are, well, park standards. There's a Ben's Chili Bowl stand, and a Max's Kosher Grill (falafael, schwarma) that are decent, both just 100 steps to the left when you come in the center field (main) gate.

        Ben's Chili Bowl
        1213 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

        Max's Kosher Cafe
        2319 University Blvd West, Wheaton, MD 20902

        1. Levi's Port Cafe is a 15 minute walk and worth it. Besides, you'll need to walk off those pork chops, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese.

          1. is it too far to go to ted's bulletin, on 8th st. se? we enjoyed it for lunch recently.

            it was busy, but service was very good. the food was very tasty! i had the country fried steak, and both it and the sides were nicely executed and flavorful:

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              I must have gone on an off day, because I found the CFS poorly executed: a wafer thin sirloin with all the flavor cooked out. The crust and white gravy were just right, but both really belonged around a fattier piece of beef. And I had to send the chicken soup back because it was inedibly salty. But I didn enjoy the milkshake.