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Sep 28, 2010 04:59 PM

New BBC show Whites

Watched the first episode- it's the best cooking show on tv, by far.

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  1. UK or America? If the latter, when is it on? All I ever seem to see being shown on BBC America is Star Trek and Dr No.

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    1. re: buttertart

      Or Gordon Ramsay. I watched a bit of one of his shows when surfing last week and was greatly surprised that the vile tantrums were missing! Anyway, I would love to know whether to look for Whites!

    2. It's in the UK and it's a comedy rather than an actual cooking show....

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        1. re: juniper77

          Like juniper77 said, it's not a cooking show. It's a sitcom with Alan Davies And Katherine Parkinson (IT Crowd).

          I watched the first episode, and really didn't think much of it. It's about as funny as watching a public works crew picking up roadkill.