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best quesadilla near Ktown/Echo Park/Los Feliz...

i've recently moved here from san francisco, and have yet to find a quesadilla that compares to my favorite back in SF, el farolito. they make a super quesadillo with avocado and crema in it, that's ridiculous. i usually get it with both carnitas and chorizo.

so far the best i've had was at Cactus in Ktown. it was pretty tasty, too, but they def seemed to think it was odd that i wanted everything inside the quesadilla...

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  1. Sabor a Mexico, which used to be located on the Westside, made incredible quesadillas "estilo D.F."
    Last I heard they moved to an area that would be described as Koreatown adjacent. Here's the contact info:

    Sabor A Mexico
    2624 W Jefferson Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90018
    (310) 280-0380

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      Sadly they sold that location and have moved on from their business... so sad, they had HIGH hopes...


    2. Maybe not what you're thinking about, but the best quesadillas I've had come from a lady who runs a little cart on Echo Park Ave just south of Sunset. I can't tear myself away from the squash blossom ones, but I think she does chorizo too.

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        I've been by there many times and have never been able to find her. Do you happen to know when she is there?

      2. The Mexicali stand on Beaudry and 1st, on the outskirts of downtown, has an amazing garlic-infused quesadilla they call a vampiro, available with asada, chorizo or chicken. great salsas to go with it too.

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          THE BOMB! The Cechalada is also very good and unique!

        2. I love the Sincronizada at Alegria on Sunset. It's on their lunch menu but it's packed with tasty pork carnitas, jalapeƱos, and grilled onions. Super delish! At night they'll make a regular carnitas quesadilla for you if you ask one of the nice folks there. The best news is that they finally take credit cards at Alegria.

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            Hooray! Alegria now takes credit cards?! I would have been happy just to use my debit card. Will go more often now. The Sincronizada sounds really good.

            Alegria On Sunset
            3510 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

          2. O man, Farolito...I luved that place, just off 24th st, loved their carnitas burrito and i would practically drink their guacamole salsa...ummm!

            1. That would be because that is not how a traditional quesadilla is made. Kind of like the heated debated over a Mission style burro and one from Lupe's #2 or Al & Bea's. Al & Bea's is tradtional old school, a Mission is its own thing or style, that is why you can not get a Mission Burro in L.A..

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                Just because something's not traditional does not mean it's not amazing... Just saying.

                That being said, I had what's probably a way more authentic quesadilla experience this weekend in Echo Park. I finally stumbled upon the Oaxacan style street vendor who makes blue corn quesadillas. I went for one with pork and one chorizo. Can't beat it for $3 each. The pork one had chunks of fried pork and pork skin (chicharron?), and the chorizo one also had potato. I added some spicy red salsa/sauce to the chorizo one, and the green sauce and nopales to the pork one. And some white onion & cilantro to both...

                Both were quite delicious. I think I prefer the fried pork one, though. So glad to finally have found her hiding spot. I'll definitely be hitting her stand regularly on the weekends moving forward.

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                  Did I say it was not amazing! Some people like traditional and some do not. I recently had a D.F. style quesadilla with corn fungus and loved it. If enough people wanted a Mission Burro in L.A. you would find them somewhere. I also like a quesadilla with mushrooms inside & sour cream on top. To each his own, because you like it that way does not mean everyone will. Chow Out!

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                    That newish place Tinga has a mushroom quesadilla. I haven't tried it yet, but I want to get over there to sample their tacos.

                    142 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036