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Sep 28, 2010 04:41 PM

Best food truck in Austin?

Hey all,

I'm an east-coaster that's on his way with some friends to Austin for ACL in a couple of weeks. We've got most of our food plans mapped out, but I was hoping to try one or two of the best that Austin has to offer with it's many food trucks!

I did a few searches on the Austin boards on this subject, but since the food truck industry seems to always be in flux, I was hoping to get some responses with trucks that are currently in business and serving great food! Thanks in advance for your advice!


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    1. re: malarkey

      Mine's a toss-up between Odd Duck and Franklin's. I would have to go with Odd Duck, because of the incredible wait you'll endure at Franklin's (likely 45+ minutes). Dang it. The bbq is really, really good and very "Texas" though....If you were in town for something other than the ACL, I'd say take an afternoon and go to New Braunfels and go to Coopers and go play in the water, but I digress.

      Odd Duck will impress you.

      1. re: amysuehere

        And the wait at Odd Duck isn't incredible? I've tried twice now to eat there, once just last night on a Wednesday, and the wait was 45+ minutes both times.

        Odd Duck. They may be mobile but they're not fast.

        1. re: tummoi

          I've never had to wait more than just a few minutes and I usually go on Saturday night. Granted, I go somewhere between 5:30 and 6...

          1. re: amysuehere

            I've never waited more than 15-20. Odd Duck is amazing, but it's fairly close to Zilker and the stoner hordes will be rampaging through Gourdoughs right next door

            1. re: puddles

              ah, good point. I basically steer clear of downtown/South Austin completely during ACL. It's basically like a small island when a cruise ship lands. I'm afraid anywhere you go down there during that time is going to be a crush of humanity.

    2. Search "trailer" and you will get more information than you ever wanted to know on this much covered topic.

      1. If you're an east coaster I would try for something you just don't see up North. Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles has some of the best fried chicken I've had anywhere and with waffles and syrup, just something you have to try at least once.

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          1. Get in line with everyone else at Franklin's BBQ. That is great brisket (possibly the best in Texas) coming out of a trailer.

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            1. re: donnaaries

              Seriously, Franklin's is a must. The brisket is consistently superior to any other place in Central Texas (haven't tried Snow's yet though).

              Get there at 10:45. It'll only be a 15 minute wait when they open the gate at 11. If you arrive after 11am, you can gauge the wait by the awning. The end of the awning equals about 30 minutes. If you arrive at 11:45 or later, they'll most likely be out of brisket and ribs by the time you get to order.

              1. re: donnaaries

                I may not be the most reliable reporter because I'm "meat-drunk." I just came from Franklin's and had some truly outstanding brisket and pork ribs. I got the lean brisket and it was moist and flavorful.

                The guy sitting across from me shared a bite of sausage and it was merely good.

                The guy next to me had the pulled pork and gave it a thumbs up.