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Sep 28, 2010 04:22 PM

I don't like whiskey

or scotch, or bourbon or rye. But I want to have some good stuff around in case guests come over. What do you reccomend. I'm willing to pay around $60 dollars.

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  1. Bowmore Legend, a nice very good value Islay Scotch, around $30 plus maybe
    Bulleit Bourbon, a rye-forward bourbon that would appeal to both bourbon and rye drinkers, also around $30.

    I would be most happy to drink either of these at someone's house.

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      Fantastic recommendation - 2 very different whiskeys, both very good. Plus, I feel that due to the high rye content in Bulleit, it can be used (instead of rye whiskey) in a pinch to make manhattans. If you're willing to spend a bit more, you might also want to get a bottle of something like Maker's Mark, to have a representation of a sweeter wheated bourbon, and a bottle of Glenlivet, as a representation of a Speyside scotch (which is very different from an Islay). Besides, who knows, maybe after trying a wide range of whiskey, you may grow to like them yourself!

    2. You can't go wrong with any single-malts from Macallan. They market a 10- & a 12-year old in the $30-$50 price range.

      1. I've been sampling a bunch of different bourbons lately, and haven't really gone wrong with any of them in the $20 and up range.

        Glenlivet Single Malt is pretty classy, at about $35 a bottle. Scotch tastes smokier than bourbon, that's the general difference. The malt is dried by burning peat in the same room.

        Woodford Reserve bourbon is quite good. Knob Creek is pretty tasty. These are both under $40, though.

        Really, if you just go buy a bottle of just about any bourbon or scotch in your price range, it will be good.

        Another bourbon you could try is Elijah Craig 18 Yr - it's quite good.

        1. Oh, I love people like you Yayme. My friend's wife says, somebody gave us this bottle for Christmas a couple of years ago, but none of us are scotch drinkers, do you want to try it? Oh, Chivas Regal blue label? Sure, why not?