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Sep 28, 2010 04:00 PM

El Farolito, Healdsburg

Been visiting Sonoma County for the past week and have been here a few times. Overall, most everything we have sampled has been very good.
Some standouts have included the ceviche, guacamole, super burrito, fajita burrito, al pastor and carnitas. The mole was a bit too sweet for my taste but I'm picking nits a bit.

Lots of items to try, been happy eating through the menu. Just off the square in Healdsburg. The locals told me this is the place to go when you want Mexican... and they were right!

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  1. I love El Farolito! Very happy you've highlighted this place, it's totally off the radar and totally delicious.

    My favorites are also exactly the dishes you've mentioned, especially the ceviche and the al pastor. A terrific value. On a nice day it's great to get the food to go and eat it on a shady bench in the square......

    1. t and of, which of the many nearby tasting rooms has a wine that would go well with the ceviche, perhaps a good Sauvignon Blanc.

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        Well, my drink of choice with their ceviche was always a cold Corona from their cooler, which they stick a lime in for you. :) For grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc is a great choice, as there are actually few (perhaps no) other grape varieties grown in Sonoma that will stand a good chance of tasting great with ceviche (unless someone knows about a fabulous Sonoma Albarino or Verdelho some such white that's missed my radar, in which case please share!)

        But if you're looking for wine, I think your better option is to check out one of the retail wine outlets right around there rather than a tasting room, as your pairing situation is very specific and you have a better chance of finding a great wine for it at a place that stocks a bunch of wines in the category you need (white, very high acid, zesty). Plus a lot of the little boutiquey local wineries can't afford a tasting room so you'll find local wines there that you won't find anywhere else.

        Oakville Grocery is across the street and they have a good local wine selection. The Wine Shop on Healdsburg Avenue (about 2 blocks away, just off the square) and has lots of small production offerings, many of them local, as does Downtown Wine Cellars, on Plaza St, also about 2 blocks away.

        As for winery tasting rooms - Murphy-Goode has a TR on Matheson, just across Healdsburg Ave, they make a reliable SB. Gallo of Sonoma used to have a corner spot right on the square but I hear that Boisset has taken it over, not sure if they are open yet. Supposedly they will be tasting their high-end Burgundies there by the glass alongside wines from their CA properties (DeLoach, Raymond, etc.) Rosenblum used to have a TR across the street from Farolito but it wouldn't help you anyway, Zinfandel is about the worst possible beverage match for ceviche I can think of, including coffee.

        Oh, and if you are feeling festive, a bottle of local sparkling wine would actually be great w/the ceviche- J Vineyards is 10 minutes down the road and does a great one (though maybe a little spendy for takeout ceviche!)

        Oakville Grocery
        124 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

        1. re: originalfig

          Agree with all of the reply from originalfig above. If you want to go outside Ca, try a muscadet from France. High acidity would go very well with the ceviche (and its absolutely awesome with oysters).

          1. re: tom246

            Yes, Muscadet! with oysters! I'm heading out to dinner soon and now I know what I will be looking for on the menu, fingers crossed....