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Sep 28, 2010 03:45 PM

Thirteen in St Thomas

I can't find a website for Thirteen, but I hear its incredible. Any reviews or glimpses into the menu?

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  1. I've heard it's on the north side and great views. Complexity of flavors and spices in the food. Reviews on yelp give indications as to menu items, most are favorable. But appears to not be on google maps or the web.

    Nice blog with pictures from 2009,

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      Really really hard to locate in the fact, took 2 tries to find it in daylight on a trial run...didn't look like all that to make the trip in the evening...sorry

      1. re: Poohwear

        We live near here and this is our favorite restaurant. It does not look like much from the outside...and parking can be almost non-existent. But trust me, it is worth the effort. The food is top-notch...and so are the drinks (try one of their infused alcohols). And I agree with 'divesafe' (below; rated the restaurant on March 3, 2013). BTW, other on-island favorite of ours is the newly opened Fresh Bistro in Yachthaven...they use locally sourced ingredients...and have some great drinks, too.

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          planocindy- thanks for the Fresh Bistro suggestion. Always looking for something new and great. When did it open?

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            I think it opened in January, but we didn't discover it until about 2 months ago. The service is usually good, but we have had one not so great experience with a large group. But it could have just been an off is owned by the same people who own Oceana and Grand Cru. If possible, get a seat by the water. We love to watch the fish!! And the Spanish Lemonade is my favorite drink...lemonade, gin and a red wine float...not too sweet; very refreshing on a hot day. They used to have a Sunday brunch but I think they recently stopped it for the season. Hope it starts back up soon.

    2. In my opinion- in 2013 the best restaurant on the island. "Wow" just doesn't cut it. A complete pain in the butt to find, but worth every "where the heck am I" moment.

      The food is really unique- not "weird" by any means. Just amazing flavors from unique combinations.

      And right before you finish-order a pizza to carry out for the next day-one of the better pizza's I've eaten, anywhere.

      Phone 340-774-6800 Address is 13A Estate Dorothea (Rt. 33).

      Finding it is not for the faint of heart. And once you do, parking is nearly impossible because of where it's located. If you're not comfortable driving on a mountainside on the other side of the road at night while getting lost (you will), don't drive-take a taxi. And taxi drivers may give you crap about finding a return taxi, but that is no issue- the restaurant calls them all the time for guests and it's not issue.

      An adventure for sure. But one that will bring you back again.

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      1. re: divesafe

        2014- Still my favorite restaurant in St Thomas.

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          Just realized Fresh Bistro closed down until October. Not sure if you had a chance to go there or not...It had become a back-up restaurant to Thirteen for us when we wanted a nice salad...

          1. re: planocindy

            Haven't been back on Island since spring. Trying to get there in November and Fresh Bistro is definitely on my list to try.