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Sep 28, 2010 03:44 PM

Favorite Paris Restaurants, not too much $, family of four

My husband and i along with our 23 year old daughter will be in Paris for 2 weeks Oct 16-29. We are visiting my 20 year old daughter who is studying in Paris for her fall semester. We will most likely be going out to eat most nights and that means my husband paying for four adults, with wine, almost every night for 2 weeks! I am worried about the price tag of this gastronomic experience. We will be in an apt. in the Marais for the first week (near the Pompidou Center) and in the 15th bordering the 7th (near Blvd. Grenelle) for the second week. My daughter's apt. is in the 14th near Parc Montsouris.

I imagine most of our meals will be in the Arrons: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I am aware of the top restaurants (Guy Savoy, etc) and some of the new "hot "ones (Regalade St. Honoure, etc). While we would love to try all of these, and may try one, what I need help with is a little list of affordable, but good quality food restaurants, cafes and bistros. We love French, also Italian, and most everything else. I list a 5-10 good places for lunch or dinner that would run $10-25 per plat (our entree) would be great. We will splurge now and then and will also grab some crepes on the street but a list of recommended, tried and true favorites would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. In the 15th, Au Dernier Metro is on Grenelle, and there is a Pizza place just down the street on Lourmel. Both are near the Dupleix metro stop. La Taverna is an old favorite on Champ de Mars, in the 7th.

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        Thank you both very much. Please keep the suggestions coming. I am continuing my research elsewhere but really value first hand experience recommendations.

      2. May I suggest that you eat a big meal at lunch when prices for excellent food are much lower and then graze in your apartment for supper on a good wine or two and some treasures from Montorgueill shops. Then take a nice long walk through the city to enjoy the lights or see a show. We often do this. Au Dernier Metro is a hoot as well as a place for good food (see picture of the grandparents at Au Dernier). We ate there twice on our last trip and really had great times! You are staying close to a restaurant my daughters love and go to on every trip...Chez Marianne falafels at Rosiers and Hospitalieres Saint-Gervais, can chose Mediterranean foods and good wines to share.

        1. Unless you truly enjoy eating out every meal, you also have the option to assemble wonderful meals with very little cooking involved. One great assembled meal to gather from nearby shops: a rotisserie chicken and potatoes, bread, salad components, cheese, dessert and wine. You could do this one time in each apartment and compare the results. For the Marais near the Pompidou Center, you have rue Rambuteau shops where such a meal could be gathered.
          If you are interested in doing this, perhaps others would share some of their favorite assembled meals.

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            souvenir: Thank you so much. I absolutely love the idea and plan to do this at least once at each apt. Hopefully having a week at each apt. we will figure out where the best places are for cheese, bread, etc. Shopping for these things is a fun experience in itself. I also agree with the suggestion to eat the larger meal at lunch when the prices are lower and graze a bit for dinner. I am hoping to have a combination of meals in the apt, a couple of nice restaurant dinners and mostly bistro or cafe meals with the four of us. We just cannot be spending 300E+ every night for dinner. Keep the suggestions coming please! Thank you.

            1. re: souvenir

              That is our exact favorite assembled meal too! I think everyone in Paris has a favorite "chicken man" at their local marché. @ kybrote, note also that Monoprix, charcuteries and bakeries continue to increase their selection of prepared meals for easy "take out". It can be expensive depending on your choices, but doesn't have to be--another option for you, especially if you don't want to go out all the time.

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                I used to have my own Chicken Man; still have his number on speed dial. He left his girlfriend and Laidback and me and up and went to Beijing to seek fame and fortune. All of us, his girlfriend excepted, are still in mourning.

            2. Someday before I die, I need to have a real Flintstone/Henri VIII orgy of rotisserie chicken and the potatoes that collect the drippings.