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Sep 28, 2010 03:09 PM

Nice dinner for 13 at a Philly hotel

My mom is turning 80 and agreed to a family celebration. There are 13 who will be attending from ages 20 to 80, most are foodies but not all. Mom decided that she'd like to 'make things easy' and have dinner at the hotel. It will be in November but she wants to decide this week. So, which hotel?

Four Seasons - have been there several times in the last few years for some business functions and the catering has been delicious. It's been 15 years, though, since we've eaten a real meal at the Fountain. So far this is head of the list. They have space in a private room available.

Rittenhouse -- Happened to be at a birthday party a year ago there and for the most part was wonderful. The wine pairing was esp nice. Mom not so sure with the new chef...she had lunch there about 6 months ago and declared it to be 'so - so'.

Ritz- Carlton - never been there. While intrigued with Jennifer's food on Top Chef, haven't ever read anything good about 10 Arts.

Bellevue - Mom not keen on Palm. Not sure what is currently on the upper floors there at this time. I know they used to have a wonderful Sunday brunch on an upper floor but never been there for dinner.

For us, it seems like Four Seasons is the definite choice but thought I'd throw this out there to you all to see if I'm missing something wonderful. I did suggest trying to go to Vetri or another top restaurant and she is pretty definite on wanting to not have to deal with taxis.

Any thoughts?

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  1. While it was a long time ago, Went to a couple of group dinners at Solefood in Loew's Hotel which was excellent. Also, cannot think of name of hotel attached to Ristorante Panorama but it is on their website, I believe. Always excellent food for groups. Great wine list.

    1. Had a wonderful lunch at the Rittenhouse in a small room - 14 people, and it was perfect.
      The best I've had in a hotel. This was before the new chef, but I think the standards are high.
      Also attended a small dinner there in a private room; also outstanding.

      We had a disappointing experience recently at the Swann Lounge at the Four Seasons, but I'm sure you would be fine with a private function.

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        Funny, I too had a less than mediocre exprience at Swann Lounge last year,but figured it must've been an aberrancy since I've heard nothing but good things!

      2. Fountain is still excellent, so Four Seasons is a good choice. The restaurant at the Bellevue is XIX. It's a gorgeous room with a beautiful view. The food is very good. They focus on seafood. I would say you couldn't go wrong with either of those choices.