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Recs for Thanksgiving, Family Dinner, Boston

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We're visiting Boston for Thanksgiving and would like recommendations for restaurants - looking for a classic Thanksgiving experience. Dining with 2 kids - 3 and 6. thanks!

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  1. Can you travel to Plimouth Plantation? If you can get there it could be a blast.

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      Not sure, we're traveling from CT but I will definitely check it out - thank you!

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        Visiting the the 1627 village is fun and the kids (3 yr old a bit young, lots of walking) would certainly enjoy it. But the food is sort of expensive for what it is. The sit down dinner is already sold out ($87.95 Adults, $64.95 Children under 12) leaving only the buffet available. The buffet is priced at $65.95 for Adults and $43.95 for Children under 12. (Includes museum admission and tax) Trust me, it's totally not worth it.


    2. Henrietta's Table does a gorgeous thanksgiving buffet. I don't know what they charge for little ones but the adult menu is usually around 65.00 a person. Eastern standard kitchen did a nice thanksgiving menu last year and definitely had a kid's menu too.

      Henrietta's Table
      One Bennett St., Cambridge, MA 02138

      1. I had a pretty excellent Thanksgiving dinner last year at Sel de la Terre Back Bay. It was a prix fixe menu with several options per course, one of which was the traditional turkey, stuffing, etc.

        1. Closer to Thanksgiving, www.bostonchefs.com will post a list of restaurants with details (price, buffet vs. prix fixe) and Boston.com also does a list the week before Thanksgiving.

          Last year I went to Turner Fisheries, which was buffet style. It was very good, but nothing too exciting (except the raw bar, which was fresh and delicious and the reason I picked TF).

          1. What about Durgin Park? Very old Boston and used to serving children. Plus you've got the holiday lights of Quincy Market and a short walk to the North End for dessert if you still have room. Not a place you'd go for a gourmet meal but I think it would be homey and comfortable with decent to good, non-fancy food.

            Durgin Park
            340 Faneuil Hall Market Pl, Boston, MA 02109

            1. there are posts like yours every year on CH. Do a search under 'thanksgiving' and you will find lots of comments. i could never find anything that wowed me so we gave up. my one strong suggestion, as you will see when you do the search, is AVOID at all costs the Boston Harbor Hotel for Thanksgiving.