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Sep 28, 2010 01:46 PM

Spotted: New ice cream shop to open in Cole Valley

Spotted this sign this morning at 815 Cole Street, in a storefront between Cole and Frederick that's been vacant for awhile. Looks like Cole Valley is getting it's very own ice cream shop, "The Ice Cream Bar Soda Fountain and Creamery".

The "Creamery" part makes me hopeful that this place might actually process their own milk. I love Bi-Rite and I love and support Straus Family products, but I've been wondering when a new ice cream shop will open that doesn't use a prepared ice cream mix as their base (as Bi-Rite does).....Would love to see someone doing it from scratch!

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  1. The "soda fountain" makes me hopeful that they might understand how to make a proper ice cream soda. But this is probably a fond hope, given my experience lately.

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      Do you have any recs for a place that makes a decent (if not great) ice cream soda? I soooo love them and what with this weather it makes me think I should run out and have one ASAP, before the fog returns!

    2. Three Twins makes their own base. And they have their own dairy up North. And every ingredient is 100% organic.

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        Three Twins factory/creamery is in Petaluma.

        Where is the dairy?

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          Oh, yeah, I forgot about Three Twins. I tried their ice cream just once - came across it at a supercute little coffee shop in Bodega called Brew. Their very handy retail store locator on their website says that several place in my neighborhood stock it. Great inspiration to my own ice cream floats this weekend...

          But I still wish there was a local, artisanal ice cream shop that made their own base on-site. I suppose that's probably totally impractical and when there's stuff as good as Bi-Rite and Three Twins out there, why do it I guess.....I think this means I just need to get my own ice cream maker!

          1. re: originalfig

            This is Neal from Three Twins Ice Cream.....

            Making mix in a small shop setting is impractical as suggesteed. The specific mix making equipment that we have (raw milk tank, raw cream tank, vat pasteurizer, homogenizer, plate heat exchanger, various pumps) plus the other equipment that you would need to support this equipment (CIP for sanitation, boiler to provide steam, cooling tower, glycol chiller, flavor tanks, chart thermometers) take up a large amount of space and also require a large amount of power that would likely not be available in a retail setting. In our case this equipment takes up around 2,000 square feet, which is larger than our San Francisco, San Rafael and Napa stores combined. Additionally, this is all quite expensive, so unless a shop was going to sell mix to other parties or distribute ice cream to retail, as we do, this investment would likely never pay off for a single shop.

            I'd be happy to set up a day to show y'all how our process works if you'd ever like to come up to Petaluma to see it....

            1. re: nealg

              Hey there, thanks for chiming in. Wow, what a set up, I can hardly imagine. (Um, just a little different from hand-cranking ice cream with a bunch of ice and some rock salt.....) I appreciate the offer to take a look at your facilities, I just may take you up on it one day. Thanks so much.

              And best of luck to you with growing your business. Hooray for local/organic deliciousness. I will be seeing out some Three Twins pints this weekend to make some floats. Perfect for fortifying oneself before or after Hardly Strictly Bluegrass picnicking. Cheers!

        2. Lush Gelato makes its own mix from scratch (off-site, not in-store). It's the best. But it's gelato, and in Oakland/Berkeley.

          Lush Gelato
          4184 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

          Lush Gelato
          1511 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709

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          1. re: abstractpoet

            Ooooh, darn. I just made a food journey to Piedmont Ave not that long ago and totally missed this spot. Will have to try it next time. Just checked out their blog and some of the flavors look super interesting/delicious (Plum Wasabi Sorbetto, Molasses Gelato...)

            Also they note here that they are having a flavor contest now thru October 8 - if your flavor idea gets picked you win free gelato for a month. A triumverate of East Bay flavor authorities will pick the winner (pastry chef at Chez Panisse plus chefs of Gregoire & Pican, how tony.)