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Sep 28, 2010 01:43 PM

lambertis closed

I cannot believe that lambertis cucina in manalapan nj closed. Any info?

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  1. My husband passed by on Monday night and saw it dark. Hard to believe! They were always busy.

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      Just tried phone. It is not disconnected. Strange.

    2. It was dark on Saturday night and there are no longer listed on the website.

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        Got this from Aldo Lambert's website:

        We regret to inform you that Lamberti’s in Manalapan has closed their doors.That location is not affiliated with the locations here in Southern NJ, Wilmington, DE or in Pennsylvania – and has not been affiliated for some time. However, we were informed that they closed their doors the week of September 20th, 2010. Lamberti’s in Manalapan is not featured on this website, but some of you may still find that you are able to google search and have the old page come up. This information will remain on the ‘internet’ for a little while due to the saved memory. This information above is all that we have available to us at this time.

        Sounds like someone bought it and ran it into the ground.

        On an up note, my wife mentioned something about a "coal-fired pizza place" being in that plaza.. not sure if it's open yet.

        LOL.. found a website already. Google is my friend. :)

        1. re: MarlboroMan

          Thanks for posting this Marlboro Man! At least it is not ANOTHER Italian-American restaurant! :)

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            Couldn't wait, went there tonight. First ones in there at 5:15, but then it started to fill after that. Site is the former Heavenly Ham store, NOT Lamberti's (but the owner said people have been looking at Lamberti's site - he thinks they closed because their lease ran out).

            Light brown walls with assorted B&W framed photos. Wood floors. I could care less about atmosphere, but some people want to know.

            Authentic coal fired oven. Not gas-assisted, like Tommy's in Red Bank (yes, I asked, and yes, owner - who is Italian, with accent - did his research.) Invited me over to see oven in action.

            Simple menu. We had large plain pie, side order of meatballs, order of 10 wings.

            Wings were done with rosemary, olive oil, caramelized onions. Served with 2 pieces of focaccia bread. Different. Meaty, I added salt to mine. Wife loved them. Ate 2 wings, claimed they were the first ones she's ever had (I believe her). Meatballs good. Supposed to be 4, but we got 5 large ones in sauce, with two breadsticks.

            Oh yes, pizza. Now I understand why pizza is such a subjective food item. Really, anything is. Crust, fantastic. Thin, crispy, but still with some chew (not a cracker, in other words). Sauce? My wife loved it. A bit too tangy for me. BUT... pizza frequently gives me heartburn, when I do eat it (which isn't often). This didn't.

            Coke AND Pepsi products, but in cans.

            People in parking lot asked us how it was. I want to go back for a white pizza.

            Heavenly Ham
            159 Mercer St, Princeton, NJ 08540

            1. re: MarlboroMan

              Nice review, MM!! Thanks, sounds like I will be making a trip in the near future! :)

              1. re: MarlboroMan

                I agree with you MarlboroMan, sauce is way too tangy. I actually like the coal fired pizza better in Red Bank and Grimaldis in Queens too.

                133 Clinton St, Hoboken, NJ 07030