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Sep 28, 2010 01:39 PM

Oaxaca questions

Has anyone been to La Pitiona on 5 de Mayo? I understand it to be new and upscale. What about Fuego y Sazon (don't know address)? What are specialties of these places? Thanks!

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  1. Rick Bayless has raved about Pitiona. I too would like to hear a report.

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      I had dinner at Pitiona just two weeks ago. It's new, it's upscale, it's suddenly famous, and I wanted to rave, but quite frankly...I was less than impressed. Too much pseudo-El BullĂ­ and not enough real Oaxaca. The presentations are by and large very attractive, some of the flavors are quite good. But nothing I ate was outstanding, IMHO. I didn't see a menu, so I don't know the price range.

      In the photo, the meat is tongue, with an unpleasantly flavored thin mole poured over it. The pale green globes are olive liquid, interesting but do nothing to combine with or enhance the meat. The salad is lovely and fresh but not innovative; maybe for nuevo-Oaxaca it's something new, but generally in high-end Mexican restaurants of this type, it's a common preparation. Candied pecans, mango cubes, avocado slices--good but not great.

      YMMV and I hope it does!

      I hate to say it, but I'd say go to Pilar Cabrera's La Olla or to the traditional Isthmus-cuisine La Teca instead.


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          La Teca
          Violetas Street #200-A
          Colonia Reforma

          Wish I could go with you! Enjoy...

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              As it happens, I will be in Oaxaca again during the first week of September. Look for me at La Teca!


    2. I am also seeking reviews of both PItiona and Fuego y Sazon. They are quite close to each other, Pitiona is at 5 de Mayo #311 and Fuego y Sazon is at 5 de Mayo #306. I have reservations at Pitona on Oct. 31 and at Fuego y Sazon on Nov. 1. Fuego y Sazon apparently has a new menu, today the chef emailed me this info and said he would send along the new menu to me.

      This trip is for our 25th anniversary so I want the food to be special. Woudl really like some first-hand knowledge. I am concerned about Pitiona re the review above, would like to here if anyone else has been there

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        Was at Pitionia last year. Chef worked for Alejandro at Casa Oaxaca. Pricey, often fussy dishes. Directly across from entrance to El Camino Real Hotel, so you know clientele. Going next week, and will check it out again. Will also try Fuego y Sazon.
        For anniversary, I'd have Alejandro cook for me at Casa Oaxaca, the hotel (super romantic) location only. Work out a special menu with him ahead -- he loves creative challenges.

      2. I ate there in summer 2011 shortly after it opened and was the FIRST to review it on TripAdvisor. It is located across the street from the Camino Real Hotel. The ambience is very contempo-minimalist Oaxaca, romantic and upscale. The food was fresh, innovative, and very tasty. It is NOT traditional indigenous regional food. I will definitely return when I'm there next week for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). If you are interested in a fine dining experience in Oaxaca, don't miss Pitiona. And, see my Oaxaca Cultural Navigator website for commentary, culture and cuisine. The photo I attached is a presentation of perfectly grilled sea bass adorned with a translucent wafer of sugared ginger, sauteed spinach, on a yellow mole salsa. Yummm.

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        1. I would like to point out that La Pitiona and Fuego y Sazon are not close to each other. La Pitiona is located on 5 de Mayo in el Centro across from Hotel Camino Real, just a block from Santo Domingo Church. Fuego y Sazon is located on a different 5 de Mayo in a different neighborhood, Colonia Jalatlaco. There are two different 5 de Mayo streets, in two different colonias.

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            Thank you for pointing out that very important point!

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              You are welcome. I guess this is the "charm" of Oaxaca, using the same name more than once.

              Fuego y Sazon is about 15-20 minutes walk east of La Pitiona. And Colonia Jalatlaco is very charming with a great bed and breakfast, Casa Arnel.