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Sep 28, 2010 12:52 PM

Restaurant ratings redux

A + … Beyond exceptional Food of the gods
A …… Exceptional
A - …. Way above average

B + …. Very, very good
B …… Above average
B - ..... Very good

C + … Slightly above average
C ....... Average
C - … Slightly below average

D + … Below average
D ...… Way below average
D - … Bordering on inedible

F + .… Mostly inedible
F …... Inedible.
F - … What will be served in hell

I tried using a 1-10 rating system for a few months and it didn’t quite do it for me.

I think there is some merit to using a rating system for a quick overview. In other reports, I’ve found a letter system clearer. You are either on the A-List … or not.

Let me stress that I mean rating on each dish and not the restaurant in general. A restaurant might serve all F dishes but there is that one dish that justifies the entire business … the A + dish, or food of the gods.

Also, ambiance and service don’t factor in. It is a rating only on deliciousness

A dish at the French Laundry can get the same “A” as the street cart snack if both are equally tasty.

I rate ambiance and service separately.

Here’s an example

Details in the next reply

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    The A-list … Exceptional

    If this was a person it would be (in alphabetical order) Buddha, Jesus or Yahweh … you get the idea. If this was a place it would be paradise.

    A + … Beyond exceptional Food of the gods. Buy a soapbox and start preaching about it
    A …… Exceptional. Tell everyone you know about it. Post raves
    A - …. Way above average. Recommend highly. Post glowing Chowhound report.

    The B-list Very good

    If this was a person it would be your best friend. Sure, they are special, but unless you are Gail King, other people probably might not appreciate what you do. In the mortal realm, Oprah would be A-List. Gail is B-list. Harsh, but true. If it was a place it would be your dream house.

    B + …. Very, very good. Make a point of telling people about it.
    B …… Above average Post positive Chowhound report
    B - ..... Very good Recommend when asked about good eats

    The C-list … Average

    If this was a person it would be the average everyday people you like. If it were a place it would be a boring apartment complex. An ok enough place to live, but you could do better.

    C + … Slightly above average Recommend for certain situations
    C ....... Average Not really worth mentioning unless asked.
    C - … Slightly below average. OK, but you don't tell your friends about it

    The D-list … Below average

    If this was a person it would be those people you see coming down the street and you make a quick detour to avoid them. If it was a place it would be an unkempt city park. Nobody cares much about keeping it up.

    D + … Below average but with some redeeming factor. Think twice before ordering
    D ...… Way below average. Eat only if starving or convenience really matters
    D - … Bordering on inedible. Skip it

    The F word, so to speak … Avoid

    If this was a person it would be the junkie in front of the elementary school. If this was a place it would be skid row or possibly hell … which are probably the same thing.

    F + .… Mostly inedible but with some teeny redeeming factor. Still, shun it.
    F …… Inedible. Throw it out
    F - … What will be served in hell. Tell everyone to avoid it at all costs