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Sep 28, 2010 12:31 PM

restaurants that cater

I am planning a dinner party and looking for restaurants in the Bay Area that do off-site catering. I am already looking at Spruce, and would like to explore other options as well.

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  1. La Mediteranée caters.

    1. What kind of food did you have in mind, and what area do you live in?

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      1. re: escargot3

        In San Francisco, but hosting the party in the north bay. American food.

        We're also open to hiring a chef to cook in house, if anyone has suggestions.

      2. Frascati's chef will come cook at your house

        Frascati Restaurant
        1901 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

        1. I would think since many places are hurting, they might jump at the chance to cater. Maybe ask?

          1. If you are expecting them to cook at your place I would probably hire a private chef. The private chef's are used to working in other peoples kitchens while a restaurant chef is not as used to this.