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Sep 28, 2010 12:21 PM

Capt'n Chucky's Crab Cakes

I spent a pleasant 20 minutes at Capt'n Chucky's in Blue Bell (Route 202 near Route 73) today. I was given tastings of numerous items, every one of which was so delicious that I couldn't resist purchasing them some unbreaded, creamy lobster cakes. Useful cooking tips were provided to ensure that I would get maximum pleasure from my purchases. I brought my feast home and treated myself to a heavenly lunch for less money than a mediocre lunch would have cost at a nearby restaurant. Chucky's shrimp salad is excellent! The jumbo shelled shrimp with Sami sauce (horseradish, cream and seasonings) were huge and exceptionally flavorful. The Sami sauce is a wonderful dipping sauce with just the right amount of kick (spice, life!) and it'll sure to go perfectly with meats and other fish. The jumbo assorted grapes (in what I call "heavenly sauce") were dusted with pecans, comprising a refreshing, delicious dessert! Lastly, I purchased lobster cakes which I'll bake/broil for dinner tomorrow night. The cakes aren't huge but they are loaded with chunks of lobster and if they are as good as the other items I purchased, they will be well worth the money. After my pleasant shopping spree at Chucky's, I stopped at the Pepperidge Farm outlet in the next door shopping center. Lucky me! It was Senior Citizen Discount Day and I've just turned 65. I saved enough money at Pepperidge Farm to offset the extravagance of Chucky's......but since when is excellent food extravagant!

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  1. Enjoy Good Food, thanks for reporting in... I work in KOP and live in Lansdale area... I generally do my best to take back roads and avoid traffic, but have been thinking about stopping by this place on the way home to lighten my cooking load (hey and extra 15 minutes in the car is better than an hour in the kitchen, right?)

    crab cakes and a nice salad on the side it is for dinner tonight!

    1. Capt'n Chucky's has a number of fans on this board:

      I haven't been back in a while, but your posting just gave me a crabby craving!

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        I'll be there around 5:30 ish (by the time I make it over to BB from KOP)

        I'll be the one drooling over the glass case, wearing a "chowhound" sign around my neck

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          Make sure you tell them you are a Chowhound. They had never heard of Chow before I told them about it & really got a kick out of it. The owners and staff are very nice people and they have a very good product. They are right next to a produce stand, so you can get all of your fixin's for a great salad in one stop.

          1. re: PattiCakes

            three words
            Dee Lish Us

            Wanted to try one of everything, but since there were only two of us I had to show restraint.

            First Miss PattiCakes, the owner knew you by name. I told him I heard of him on "the Chowhound" and he was thrilled to hear that there was more positive feedback about his place

            What we ate:
            Premium Breaded Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
            This was more a fave of my hubby than me. while I thought it was very good and of execllent quality, I thought it could have used "something" Maybe with one of their sauces? Excellent quality and very very good and my hubbys fave

            Smith Island Crab cake... this one was MY favorite. Has a touch more seasoning than the breaded one. Neither have fillers, mind you, they're CRAB at its very best, biggest and freshest and crab is what comes through first.

            With Smith Island there's just more layers of flavor there.

            at five bucks and five fifty, these babys are a STEAL!
            Crabalaya Cruncher Appetizers,
            I LOVED These, every bite had a nice little crumble of (andoille, chorizo?) sausage, with peppers, crab and a bit of a cajun flavor. I really liked them!

            Stuffed Mushrooms at a dollar a piece are another excellent deal. Tasty spinach, cheese, creamy sauce, fresh mushroom... a dollar? (take that MacDees dollar menu!)

            Crab stuffed shrimp was also excellent! more of a deviled crab with seasonings and texture around a very nice sized shrimp.

            So, with all that food, I didn't even bother to make any vegetables (spinach is a veg right?)

            We enjoyed our taste test immensely, along with a Spanish Xarel.lo (last one at Bluebell Wine & Spirits store)
            My evening was made even more exquisite to find out that there are seven more of those babies... at an undisclosed location

            1. re: cgarner

              LOL cgarner! I am just so thrilled to see a business like this "making it". The owners and staff are just the kind of people that make you feel good about being their customer, and their product is excellent. I'll baking up the last of my crab balls from the freezer tonight & planning a trip on Saturday. I'm intrigued by the Xarel & will have to look for it at my local SS.

              1. re: PattiCakes

                I stay away from chardonnay with crab, because I think some of them can overpower (especially the oaked ones) Xarel.lo is really nice, and a little citrusy

                it's one of the grapes used in making Cava, I believe...I'm not an expert. I had it as a part of the tasting/wine pairing at Amada and was hooked and have been on a mission to keep at least a few bottles in reserve at home.

                My daughter and step son were peeved that we had such a feast without them on Wednsday, so I'm going back tonight (double dipping in the same week... shame on me!)

      2. They also have great shrimp. If you are willing to take 5 pounds you can buy them raw. Otherwise you can buy them cooked (properly) in any quantity you like. I've noted before that their crab cakes are underseasoned for our taste but certainly excellent quality. The crab balls are great for a party.

        1. They also have a location just outside West Chester on Route 3 em

          1. They also have a also have a location in Chester Springs along Route 100...across from Eagle Tavern.

            Love em too!

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            1. re: Sydneyeats

              Oh, did I mention the new things we tried?
              Lobster cakes good, not the best, slightly sparse on the lobster, and well, they spoiled us with crab cakes that have no fillers
              shrimp cakes, GREAT, I really liked them, nice pieces of their shrimp, celery, seasoning, a little creamy, crunchy, tasty!
              got the sabi sauce, which we all love and a small container of their cole slaw, home made and delish!
              More stuffed mushrooms, more Smith Island cakes, absoutely consistent and delicious

              1. re: cgarner

                We tried a few new things as well. The macaroni and cheese is fantastic. I got it at the Trappe store and they were kind enough to heat it up for my son who was eating on the run. I subsequently bought it at the Blue Bell store and it was just as good - I think their food is made off premises in the same kitchen. We love the horseradish mustard sauce with the shrimp. I bought the frozen clam things and they were interesting... kind of like gloppy chowder in a heavily breaded nugget. The crab soup was quite good but underseasoned. I also got the creole shrimp bowl for my husband to take to work. I think the prepared bowls are a great idea and I'm glad that they've added them but he did not particularly like the sauce. I didn't taste it but he said it was too sweet and not spicy enough - also it needs celery, peppers and onion. The service and welcome continue to be AWESOME!