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Sep 28, 2010 11:46 AM

Good Place in Dupont/Georgetown area

Looking for a casual, unpretentious but semi upscale cusine in the Georgetown/Dupont Circle area, any suggestions?? THX

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  1. Morso in Georgetown is a Turkish place which might fit the bill. I have only been to Morso Express which is a couple of doors down and is too casual for your needs (you order at the counter), but I looked in at Morso (the restaurant) and it looked to me to be "casual, unpretentious and semi-upscale". I had a lamb pide with egg at Morso Express which was just screamingly delicious. They have it on the menu at the restaurant by a different name, "lamb pizza", for a few dollars more.

    After dinner if you like, by way of dessert you can jump into the line at Georgetown Cupcake, which is nearby.

    Georgetown Cupcake
    1209 Potomac St NW, Washington, DC

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      Or you can completely by pass the line and head to the much more superior Baked and Wired. :)

    2. How about Firefly? It's definitely "semi-upscale." And it's in West End, right between Georgetown and Dupont.

      1. If you like seafood, check out Hook.

        Also in Georgetown is Il Canale for delicious pastas and pizza in a laid back atmosphere. I went here recently and had the linguine with clams---loved it.

        In the Dupont Circle area for Italian try Sette Osteria or you can try Bistro du Coin for french bistro cuisine.

        Sette Osteria
        1666 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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            I had the worst restaurant experience that I have had in DC at Hook. The short(ish) version is that things on the menu were served not as described. We were very nice about explaining our issues and offering possible solutions, the staff agreed to redo the dish with the requested change (i.e. minus one particular sauce), but the kitchen messed up and did it the same way again. And they knew it. Anyway, it sat like that in the kitchen for five minutes or so, and eventually the manager picked it up, came out, shoved it in our faces and asked us to explain, again, what was wrong with it.

            I can understand that reaction in the first place, honestly. But we'd already been through that as politely as possible. This only happened because *they* messed up. We just kept it that time and the manager offered to comp it. I explained that wasn't necessary since we were there to use our Groupon (Living Social coupon?) anyway, at which point he should have just sent out free dessert or something. But no, he insisted that we save our Groupon for next time. So I paid $25 for a $50 Groupon that I haven't used, plus $40 out of pocket.

            Oh, FTR, I also watched a man knock his napkin off onto the floor when he was getting up. He didn't notice. A busboy did when he nearly tripped over it, so he picked it up and, yes, put it back on the guy's chair.

            But, that doesn't mean that somebody else wouldn't have a perfectly enjoyable experience, I'm sure. I just can't leave a recommendation hanging without a warning about what jerks they can be there.

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              I had dinner in Sette Osteria recently. Two specials of the day - a chickpea soup and grilled swordfish, with linguine alla vongole in-between.

              The soup was decent/tasty, but nothing special.

              The pasta dish had tasty fresh clams, but many empty shells were present with an undercount - so it roughly seemed - of detached clams somewhere in the dish; the linguine was also on the hard side of al dente, borderline uncooked.

              The swordfish was overcooked, or more correctly left on the fire just a little too long so that only a few bites from the center of the two pieces were succulent, the rest were dried out. The sauce slightly overpowered by the olives used.

              With a glass of wine and a cappucino plus tip - $70. Not a great meal.

              Sette Osteria
              1666 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

            2. Bodega. Tapas and paella on M Street.