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Sep 28, 2010 11:33 AM

possible to make pizza without oven?

i think i get lost from a civilized world. I'm in a place that i can't use an oven and microwave oven too.

what i have is a load of firewood and a small rice cooker to cook.

do you think it's possible to make pizza?

I'm thinking of Lahmacun "pizza" ( which is great tasteful but pizza with cheese is ideal for curing my homesickness.

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  1. I was at a party where the caterer made pizza on a grill rack over a fire. The grill rack was set on cinderblocks that were set up on either side of the fire. It was fabulous! I think you could search here or google for "pizza on the grill" to get tips for cooking it over a fire. It might take a couple of tries to get it right, but then think how popular you will be for the rest of your life with that type of skill!! Sorry about the homesickness, it's horrible, but keeping busy is a good way to get through it. And also google "cooking in a rice cooker" there are some amazing ideas out there. Good luck!

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      Hi GretchenS, and goute

      I have seen what GretchenS suggested done a few times and the pizza came out great. So if possible you might want to give it a try.

      Take Care


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        You could easily grill pizza over an open flame using pizza dough and your favorite toppings.....You must however, make sure you brush the dough with olive oil. I have also made pizza in a cast iron grill pan on the stove top...but I don't know if the rice cooker will be suffice to make a proper crust

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          thanks for giving me a new keyword to search " Grill pizza". i never thought of it but it looks absolutely feasible. I'm going to give a try. Thanks a lot!

        2. Grilled pizza is delicious. Do you have access to putting a grill or grate of some kind over your fire?

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            I thought I had a grill but the fire source doesn't seem to be safe... in the kitchen i have, they apparently burn everything including plastic in the strove.... do you think it's possible to make it with a wok?

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              Scallion pancakes are made in woks. Sesame pancakes are generally made in flat cookware. If you like the texture of them, give it a go.

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                I guess you should aim for a sort of deep-dish style. Lay your crust out in your stovetop pan/wok/what have you, then top it. I'd probably start it uncovered until the crust cooks, then cover it to melt the cheese and everything. Let us know how it turns out.

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                  A flatter pan would work better but you can use a wok. Make the pizzas as small as possible.

                  Stretch the dough and brush with oil and cook oiled side down in a ripping hot wok. Cook until the bottom is spotty charred and the top bubbles. While cooking the first side, brush the top lightly with oil, then flip over and cook the bottom the same way. You'll want to top it sparingly since the toppings won't really melt. Maybe put the cheese directly ont he crust and top with sauce.

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                    Better to use a cast iron skillet. It has a greater flat surface area than a wok.

                    I hand shape the dough to just about the size of the pan. Toss it in a hot pan and let it crisp up on one side, flip and add the toppings then cover to let them cook and to melt any cheese. Comes out really good

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                      What about a CI skillet turned upside down? Cook the pizza on the "bottom."

                2. You can try a covered dutch oven... to make a Chicago style pizza.

                  1. The grill as many have mentioned and I've made pizza in a cast iron skillet on the stove.

                    1. Absolutely. Back in the early 80's, my brother did a solo Outward Bound adventure. A full month in Alaska eating off the land and what he could carry. What did he carry? Yeast and flour so he could make pizza at least three times a week. He found that his preferred method was heating a cast iron pan, upside down on the fire, and then throwing the pizza onto the bottom of the pan when it was red hot. Claimed that his dough cooked fully before getting too charred.

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                        Oh, sheesh, I should have read the whole thread before posting. Ooops.

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                          thanks for the idea.

                          But when the heat source comes only from the bottom, how to bake the toppings without burning the pizza crust?

                          1. re: goute

                            When I reheat pizza, instead of heating up the oven(which takes too much time, I find using a griddle pan on low flame and covered with a lid or another pan turned upside down does the trick very nicely. You could do the same with making a pizza from scratch after you add the toppings.