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Sep 28, 2010 11:05 AM

Restaurant recommendations near Utica, NY

We want to host a family birthday party near Utica, NY in November for 8 adults and 2 children. All invitees like good food. Two are vegetarians. A private room would be preferable but not necesaary. Any recommendations ?

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  1. The Horned Dorset in Leonardsville, NY, about 30 minutes south of Utica. outstanding food, but be prepared to pay for it..

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    1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

      The Horned Dorset is still there and still good? Several decades ago that was the place to take visiting parents in college.

    2. I've had nice meals and decent service at Hook Line & Sinker in New Hartford..

      Hook Line and Sinker
      New Hartford, New Hartford, NY

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      1. re: al b. darned

        Unfortunately The Hook is permanently closing it's doors on October 17th.

        Symeon's in New Hartford is pretty good food if you like Greek, great kebabs and inexpensive. They also have three vegetarian entrees and several vegetarian appetizers for the vegisaurs.
        There is ample seating, but I don't know if they have a private room.

        4941 Commercial Dr, Yorkville, NY 13495

      2. About two years ago we were going through NYS to Syracuse (and then Toronto) and needed a lunch stop. We found ourselves in Utica, NY with hundreds of pizza places, but by chance found a really nice place called "Bella Mia". Quirky decor, a mixture of 40-60's movie memorabilia and grapes. No, they do not serve wine.

        The sandwich selection was good, with alot of hot, melt types. The food was very good and prices were extremely reasonable. A welcome respite from Big Bobs and other and other marginal Thruway venues.

        Will be coming back tomorrow and not sure where we will be stopping on the way down. It depends on the timing.


        1. Colorful, Excellent Authentic, Very, Very interesting Vegetarian, Great Beers and Mixed Drinks AND not expensive....Like much of Utica, not great looking area......Next to OTB and in a Grocery Store Parking Lot (Price Chopper)........

          El Canelo Restaurant
          1909 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501