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ISO mint, rosemary plants

I am planning on raising these in pots indoors, but they cleared out all the herbs at my local nursery. Has anyone seen mint or rosemary plants in stock?

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  1. You might see if any of your friends grow these. Both are extremely hardy & will transplant quite well.

    1. Burpee seeds online has Rosemary and mint seeds, as well as other herb seeds:


      1. my first thought would be primex, in glenside; i'm sure you could call over there and find out pretty quickly.

        1. i got my mint plant from the plant stand in the reading terminal market... surprisingly, it didn't take over my courtyard this year like it did last. not sure if they still have them, but it's worth a shot. they had about 6 varieties when i was there. rosemary, not sure. good luck!

          1. If you have a relative or friend who grows these herbs in pots, take a cutting. Putting the mint directly into your pot will get that started immediately - I think mint would probably take root in the middle of a sidewalk! For the rosemary, just put it in some water until roots appear and then plant it in your pot. I grow rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage in pots, inside in the colder months and then take them out to the patio in the spring. I have not brought them in yet, but I'd expect that will happen in about 3 weeks. I rarely "feed" them. Water them weekly and put them in a south or southwest facing window and you'll have fresh herbs during the next Noreaster.

            1. Closer to the holidays, whole foods will have rosemary plants clipped like Christmas trees.

              1. Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill usually has herb plants through October. They offer a very good selection of herbs; more than any other nursery I have seen. You might want to give them a call. Also, as another poster said, rosemary trees are offered closer to the holidays/ Product Junction always has those rosemary trees for a very low price.

                1. Just found some healthy looking mint plants at SuperFresh (10th and South) of all places! Paid $3.50.

                  1. You might give Orner's, in Havertown a call.

                    1. Russell's WHOLESALE Garden Center, Richboro. Here's the link. Open year round...well worth the drive. Many varieties of Rosemary, all herbs are around $1.00