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Sep 28, 2010 10:15 AM

Girl's Night Out -- but nowhere to go!

Me and my best friend are looking for a night away from our boyfriends (my bf is going to her house with her bf), I live in Winter Park between Full Sail & UFC and I'm looking for a place for her and I to go. Nothing expensive, nothing complex, maybe a place that has music or some sort of activity?

I've looked at some of the tapa's place and they seem okay but I'm looking for something that's more than just eating and drinking but nothing overly gimmicky like Medieval times and nothing scandalous (out of respect for our men).

Also, our girls night out is OCTOBER 2!!!!! Also, we're both over 21 so that isn't a problem.

Help! please?

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  1. You meant "My best friend and I" ;)

    Go to Cafe 118 in Winter Park, it's fun and different (creative vegetarian food) and then if you're in the mood for booze afterword go to The Wine Room.

    Also I assume you meant "UCF"? My *ahem* alma mater! :)

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    1. re: askdrtodd

      lmao damnit I always misspell that...and yes, My best friend & I. lmao and thank you for the suggestions.

    2. Have you seen Arabian Nights?

      It's one of the most awesome shows you'll ever see--- if you appreciate the majestic beauty of the horse...

      It MIGHT just be the best thing you two could do with this time...

      It's not just an Arabian thing...

      It's like 10 shows in one...

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      1. re: Mild Bill

        We have actually been to that and it was awesome.

      2. Go to Cafe TuTu Tango on I-Drive. You'll love it! An eclectic menu of various small plates (perfect for sharing!) and interesting drinks, plus it's a fun, funky place full of artists and performers. There's even one of those instant photo booths for goofy drunk pictures.

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          1. re: askdrtodd

            Sure is!
            Especially if you're allergic to horses...

        1. Taverna Opa in Pointe Orlando is a fun night out and you also have BB King's to go to after for some good music