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Sep 28, 2010 10:14 AM

Great Northern vs. Cannellini Beans

Is there a difference between these two types of beans? My chicken chili calls for Great Northern beans which are often difficult to find. Can I substitute cannellini beans or some other kind of bean?

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  1. I have used cannellini beans or navy beans in their place and the results are the same.

    1. There is a difference as they're different varieties of beans, but you can absolutely substitute in this case. I wouldn't necessarily sub the other way around, however. Cannelini beans are finer-textured, IMO, than Great Northern or Navy beans.

      1. I've found that cannellini beans work better in chili than the Great Northern beans. On the other hand, Great Northern beans seem to be the best for making baked beans. When I make chili I add cannellini, red kidney and black beans.