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Tampa meat markets (and NOT that kind!) or other inexpensive places to procure lamb

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I'm preparing for my annual party in Tampa (I'm in Boston) and need some help sourcing rack of lamb. I need 15-20 racks of hopefully grass-fed lamb but want to pay less than $8 lb. I don't have a wholesale license so Restaurant Depot is out. Any thoughts locally or via mail-order?

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  1. The Lifestyle Family Fitness in SoHo is a real meat market. Most of South Howard on weekends too.

    Regarding the lamb- I'm sure someone in here can help, I would recommend trying Robert's on Westshore in Tampa, I've always had a good experience there. Maybe Mazarro out in St Pete too?

    1. Don't laugh -- Costco has great New Zealand lamb...not sure if they can get it under $8/lb, though.

      Have you talked to a butcher about a special order? I would think someone would cut you a deal for an order that size.

      Help, Tampa folks -- what's the Italian butcher/deli out in Town and Country with a couple of stores? It's not Castellano & Pizzo, although they're good, too....

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        Cacciatore Brothers off Hanley. Great place to buy suckling pig as well

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          that's the one - I had a mental block. I think they have a store on MLK, too --

          Anyway - -they're awesome, have good prices, and just might be able to help you out.

      2. Thanks all for the help (and I'll probably come back for more)! I found the best price at master purveyors - they have both grass fed nz and domestic lamb.