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Sep 28, 2010 10:09 AM

Tampa meat markets (and NOT that kind!) or other inexpensive places to procure lamb

I'm preparing for my annual party in Tampa (I'm in Boston) and need some help sourcing rack of lamb. I need 15-20 racks of hopefully grass-fed lamb but want to pay less than $8 lb. I don't have a wholesale license so Restaurant Depot is out. Any thoughts locally or via mail-order?

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  1. The Lifestyle Family Fitness in SoHo is a real meat market. Most of South Howard on weekends too.

    Regarding the lamb- I'm sure someone in here can help, I would recommend trying Robert's on Westshore in Tampa, I've always had a good experience there. Maybe Mazarro out in St Pete too?

    1. Don't laugh -- Costco has great New Zealand lamb...not sure if they can get it under $8/lb, though.

      Have you talked to a butcher about a special order? I would think someone would cut you a deal for an order that size.

      Help, Tampa folks -- what's the Italian butcher/deli out in Town and Country with a couple of stores? It's not Castellano & Pizzo, although they're good, too....

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        Cacciatore Brothers off Hanley. Great place to buy suckling pig as well

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          that's the one - I had a mental block. I think they have a store on MLK, too --

          Anyway - -they're awesome, have good prices, and just might be able to help you out.

      2. Thanks all for the help (and I'll probably come back for more)! I found the best price at master purveyors - they have both grass fed nz and domestic lamb.