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Sep 28, 2010 09:47 AM

Authentic hush puppies in Savannah?

I'll be in Savannah next Sunday and would love to have some authentic hush puppies. (A search of these boards revealed only one thread talking about a restaurant's LACK of hush puppies.) We'll be in the historic district and will not have a car. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've noticed hushpuppies on the menu more often in Charleston than in Savannah. I'm not a local nor a Southerner so I have no explanation (truthy or otherwise) about why this is. A quick look at the menus of Mrs Wilkes and Lady and Sons does not yield any hushpuppies.

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      Hushpuppies usually go with barbecue and casual seafood.

    2. The Oyster Bar on River Street should have them. The one on Wilmington Island does, as does the Elegant Pelican, same owner. They're mildly sweet and served with honey butter. They're gratis with entrees, served as an appetizer. I've seen people ruin their appetite for dinner by overdoing the hush puppies.
      I can't vouch for the current quality of the rest of the menu. You can go in and just order a basket of hush puppies and a beverage.

      1. Nothing wrong with hushpuppies, but why would you base your restaurant decision on that? And, what are "authentic" hushpuppies? I live not far from Savannah and the best hushpuppies in town are at Captain D's.

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        1. re: Mayor of Melonville

          One suspects because they are different and somewhat exotic from the point of view of the original poster.